Is Vaping a Part of Nowadays Culture?

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Electronic cigarettes were introduced in the market in 2007. By 2013, their sales hit $1 billion in the U.S. And, in 2014, the global sales of e-cigarettes hit the $6.5 billion mark. These rapidly growing sales of electronic cigarettes and the popularity of vaping caught the attention of the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA introduced specific regulations for vaping. These regulations included the introduction of a specific age for individuals that can purchase vaping products. Free samples were also eliminated at vape shops. What’s more, the labels of e-cigarette liquid bottles were also eliminated. These regulations were prompted by the adoption of the vaping subculture by high and middle school students.

But, vaping is still part of nowadays culture. Having the best e-cig ( / here you can see some examples) is still seen as something cool by people of different ages. And, though vaping is frowned upon by some people, it remains a big thing in different parts of the world.

More People Are Switching From Smoking to Vaping

Perhaps, to understand vaping as a part of nowadays culture, one needs to look at the number of people that use electronic cigarettes around them. Almost everybody knows a colleague, a friend, or a relative that vapes. If not, a person has met a stranger vaping on the streets. This shows how common vaping has become.

It’s only by paying attention that a person can see the increasing numbers of people that have switched from traditional smoking to vaping. This can be attributed to several factors. For instance, media reports indicate that Public Health England has always said that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than traditional smoking. This is one of the reasons why more people are switching from smoking to vaping.

Smoking has been a part of the cultures of most people. The revelation that vaping is potentially less harmful than smoking and could even help smokers quit has made more people switch. And, once a person switches to vaping, it becomes part of their culture.

Vaping is All Over Mainstream Media

The mainstream media is a great tool for promoting culture. Today, the mainstream media is awash with scenes of people vaping. It’s not surprising to see a movie or a television program that features a famous personality holding the best e cigarette in the market. Although it may seem normal, it’s a way of promoting vaping as a part of modern culture.

Several celebrities have appeared in movies while vaping. They include huge actors like
Leonardo De Caprio, Johnny Depp, Gary Oldman, and Jack Nicholson. These have been
categorized as the face of nowadays vaping culture.

Since these celebrities are highly influential people, they have made their fans embrace vaping as a part of nowadays culture. Essentially, most people want to do what the famous and the rich in society are doing. Therefore, if a fan sees their favorite celebrity with the best electronic cigarette, they are highly likely to purchase and start using it.

In most cases, the celebrities that appear vaping on screen have also been featured smoking. This conveys the message that they have switched from traditional smoking to vaping. Nevertheless, some shows like The Simpsons portray vaping negatively. But, this is not entirely bad because it conveys information about vaping.

On the other hand, shows like the House of Cards promoted vaping. Several movies have also featured product placements. Nevertheless, all these shows and celebrities have made vaping seem like part of nowadays culture. They have recognized vaping as a trend and a habit that has been embraced by people across ages.

Vaping is All Over Social Media

People use social media to share different aspects of their culture. Research has shown that the use of e-cigarette is a rising culture. And, people are using social media to showcase their vaping prowess. This in a way promotes vaping while depicting it as a part of nowadays culture.

Today, social media is awash with videos and photos of people vaping. Even teens are posting photos and videos of their vaping activity. What’s more, some social media influencers have also been featured in social media videos and pictures while vaping. These have somehow normalized vaping as a part of modern culture.

Regulators in the U.S have disciplined vaping companies that have promoted flavored nicotine vapes inappropriately via social media influencers. The Federal Trade Commission has always pressured influencers to come out clean when paid to endorse vaping products. Nevertheless, people are still posting their videos and photos as they vape alone or with friends. This shows that vaping is slowing becoming a part of the modern culture for most people.

Vaping is becoming a Popular Hobby

People of all ages are carrying the best e-cigarettes in different sizes and shapes and using them whenever boredom strikes. Apart from being a part of nowadays culture, vaping has become a hobby. And, vapes are more than simple devices for delivering nicotine to the body.

Some people have made collecting new vaping devices and rebuilding coils their hobby. Others are reviewing live vaping shows as a hobby. Vaping is a hobby that is getting more people hooked. And, it’s a fast-growing online culture with people posting their cloud-chasing videos on social media.

Whenever a person invests in a new vaping device, they want to showcase their prowess in using it. And, they can do it alone or with friends. Essentially, vaping has become a hobby that many people have included in their culture.

The Bottom Line

It’s no longer a secret that society has accepted vaping as a part of nowadays culture. People are admired for having the best e cigs or showcasing their exceptional vaping skills in social media. In addition to making it a hobby, some people are engaging in vaping competitions like cloud chasing. What’s more, vaping is all over social media and mainstream media. Famous actors and celebrities are featured in movies and TV programs with their vaping devices. This indicates that vaping has become a part of nowadays culture.

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