Terrifying Moment ‘Murder Hornet’ Kills Mouse in Under One Minute as the Deadly Insect Enters the U.S.


Asian giant hornet, nicknamed  ‘murder hornet’, killed a mouse at least twice its size in a matter seconds.

This cell phone video shows the two wrestling on the ground while the hornet stung the mouse:

The Asian giant hornet – nicknamed the murder hornet – demonstrated just how lethal it was when it easily took out a mouse with it’s venom which can indeed kill other animals and even humans. 

Here the Twitter video if the first one somehow disappears:

The two wrestled in a frantic battle, but the hornet managed to crawl onto the mouse’s back and continued to strike with its stinger.

Terrifying video shows asian murder hornet killing a mouse, asian giant hornet kills mouse video
Terrifying video shows asian murder hornet killing a mouse. via Youtube video

In less than a minute, the poor mouse finally conceded and lay dead on the sidewalk.

After the battle, the Asian giant hornet simply flew away. 

Asian giant hornet kills mouse in terrifying video, murder hornet kills mouse video, asian murder hornet attacks mouse video
Asian giant hornet kills mouse in terrifying video.

Native to temperate and tropical climates in East Asia, they kill up to 50 people per year.

There have been several sightings of the killer insects in the US and Canada since November 2019.

The arrival of the ‘murder hornet’ in the US adds to a growing list of events that have dealt blows to Americans in 2020:

  • The year began with fears of an all out war with Iran after President Trump ordered an air missile strike to kill top General Qassem Soleimani in January. 
  • Around this time, Americans were fiercely divided by politics as Trump appealed his impeachment ruling in Senate.  
  • January also saw the first confirmed virus case enter America through Washington state. A slow response helped the US amass the largest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world. The US has recorded 1,187,190 cases and a death toll of 68,597.
  • At the end of that month, sports fans around the world mourned the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna ‘Gigi’ Bryant. They died in a helicopter crash above Calabasas, California.  

Well, it seems to me that the series won’t stop here. Extreme weather events are becoming more severe, food shortages are ahead. The apocalypse is getting a step closer everyday. [Twitter, Strange Sounds]

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