Nearly 600,000 Mink Killed in Dutch Fur Farm to Eradicate Coronavirus Spread


Over 571,000 mink have been killed so far in an effort to eradicate coronavirus from 13 fur farm in Noord-Brabant and Limburg in the Netherlands.

The death toll includes 480,000 baby mink that were gassed with their parents using carbon monoxide.

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Nearly 600,000 mink killed in fur farm to eradicate coronavirus in 13 farms in the Netherlands. Picture: Dzīvnieku brīvība via Flickr

Judges gave the go ahead to the cull earlier this month which was ordered after officials said at least two humans and several cats had been infected with coronavirus by the animals.

No more farm infections have yet been reported, but farm owners are required to hand in dead animals for testing.

Of course officials didn’t admit anybody around during the mass kill.

A press photographer wanted to assist to the massive cull

However, officials refused. Meanwhile, press photographer Olivier Middendorp has lost his court case to be allowed to photograph the cull.

Judges accepted the NVWA’s statement that the presence of the photographer would present ‘too great a danger to public health.’

Middendorp, on the other hand, had argued photographing the mass cull had ‘social significance’ given that it is likely to happen again.

The the mink fur farmers have been compensated for the loss of their animals. More animal mass die-off on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Dutch News]

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