Kesongo mud volcano erupts in Indonesia, poisoning 4 people, killing dozens of buffaloes and prompting panic among locals


The Kesongo mud volcano started erupting at around 05:30 A.M. local time, on August 27, 2020, poisoning 4 residents and killing about 19 buffaloes.

Villagers reported mud rising dozens of feet into the air, strong sulfur smell and an powerful loud boom.

Kesongo mud volcano erupts with poison gas in Indonesia
Kesongo mud volcano erupts with poison gas in Indonesia. Picture via Youtube video

According to officials and local residents, mudflow eruptions occurred several times over a period of about 10 minutes and the tremors were felt over 1 km around.

The eruption has been described as powerful with the largest bursts accompanied with the loudest boom ever. Mud was were ejected up to a dozen meters in the air and the eruption lasted more than 10 minutes.

Four herders were taken to the hospital after inhaling the gas ejected by the strong explosion.

Four residents, Marno, Sukimin, Kadis and Warino were suspected of being poisoned by gas and were rushed to the nearest hospital,” said an official.

Meanwhile, 19 buffaloes are missing. Were they trapped and then buried under the mud flow? Or were they killed by the gases? Some luckier animals were freed by villagers after being stuck in the mud.

Only one tail was found in good condition,” said a local resident.

The last strong eruption with gas and lots of mud of Kesongo mud volcano occurred in 2013.

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