Most mysterious places to go in the USA

most mysterious places in the US
Discover the 5 most mysterious places in the US.

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But believe it or not, the United States is packed with haunted places that attract tourists so much: hotels, castles, hospitals, and just houses where a thrilling story once happened. If you are one of those who love such mysteries, you would be interested in discovering a few locations from our list.

Top recommendations on US haunted places

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However, real horrors do exist: only the US has thousands of haunted places, not mentioning the number of mysterious locations all over the globe. If you are considering a trip to one of them, we offer a list of top ones for your choice:

  1. The Stanley Hotel

Have you seen the American Horror Story? One of the seasons of this show is taking place in a hotel built by a monster. The place we are talking about is located in Colorado and was opened in far 1909.

It has great architecture meeting travelers` demands, but it has become especially popular after Stephen King`s The Shining came out.

Many people described beautiful but mysterious piano sounds coming from nowhere and strange creatures following you at night.

Today in this place you can get a nightly tour and even a psychic consultation to see yourself;

  1. Winchester Mystery House

One of the classic horror plots is events taking place in an old house. This one can be called one of the most thrilling architectural projects ever built: the legend says that Sarah Winchester was told that her husband and a small child were killed by ghosts that were once shot with the gun.

To frighten these spirits, she built a creepy house with such features like staircases leading to the ceiling, windows with secret paths or doors that opened directly into brick walls;

  1. Eastern State Penitentiary

This building, looking more like a castle, was built in 1829 to keep prisoners isolated from the world. They were always alone, and even leaving a cell, their heads were covered with the cloth, so they saw nothing, and nobody saw them.

One hundred years later, the prison became overcrowded and the punishments applied there were severe and terrifying. Today, this place has become a museum and belongs to top haunted American places.

You can take part in six haunted attractions within its walls, celebrate Halloween there and just spot paranormal things happening every now and then;

  1. Pine Barrens

One of the most haunted objects on our list is this place which is heavily forested and taking a huge territory in New Jersey.

It used to thrive in the Colonial period, but then people eventually left this area, and it transformed into one of the abandoned regions with ghost towns, empty houses, and, like many people, state, supernatural strangers.

Its most famous inhabitant is the so-called Jersey Devil who was the 13th kid of Deborah Leeds born in 1735 and killing people ever since;

  1. House of the seven gables

Located in Salem, this construction gave inspiration to the author of the well-known novel.

In addition to being a place for witch trials, the house is packed with paranormal activity, strange things, noises, and ghost seeing.

Every fall the place is giving spooky tours and performances to let tourists get scared to death;

  1. Pittock mansion

A husband and wife built a house when they were in their 50s, and the mansion looked amazing with modern design and unique construction.

However, a couple lived there only a few years before dying, and after they passed away, strange things started to happen.

People felt the beautiful smell of roses coming from nowhere while some paintings were moving on their own. Definitely, this is one of the most mysterious places in Oregon;

  1. Trans-Allegheny lunatic asylum

The institution was opened in 1864, and one century after its popularity reached its peak. As the hospital was extremely overcrowded (2500 patients instead of 250), the patients started behaving aggressively, attacking lonely staff members and setting everything on fire.

It was finally closed 50 years later, but people say that the souls of some patients who died there are still living in this place. You can check it yourself by taking a tour within its old mysterious walls.

Which one of these mysterious places are you going to visit first?

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  1. I wouldn’t mind walking through the Winchester mansion.

    Our house had a “ghost.” Previous owners daughter drowned in the pool accidentally.
    We had a enornous black dog ghost too. Saw it by the gate, and it stood to the height of the pool gate latch. Massive and way larger than our wolfhound. It was bear sized creature. Jet black, no discernable facial features.

    When I got my rifle, and ran outside to the gate, 20 seconds, he was gone without a sound, and ivy was 200 yards. You would have been able to hear anything tromping through that ivy. There was 6′ chainlink fence surrounding back property. No breaks in fence, no dig unders. Vanished, no trace, no tracks, no disrupted ivy.

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