Two asteroids set to cross Earth’s orbit just hours apart while another Great Pyramid-sized space rock barrels our way

giant asteroid earth september 2020
Two asteroids set to cross Earth’s orbit just hours apart as another Great Pyramid-sized space rock barrels our way. Picture: Pixabay / urikyo33

Two 100-meter-wide asteroids are set to cross Earth’s orbit within hours of each other on Friday, September 25, 2020.

Meanwhile, another space rock the size of ancient Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza is heading towards our planet.

NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies, which tracks asteroids and comets that will come close to Earth, has confirmed that it is monitoring two asteroids that are due to hurtle past on Friday, September 25.

Both bodies are classed as Apollo asteroids, meaning they will cross Earth’s orbit as they fly through space.

The first asteroid, which is named 2020 RO, is estimated to be up to 130 meters wide. It will fly past on September 25 at 00:10 EST at a speed of 11.84km per second.

The second asteroid, named 2020 SM, is expected to sail past Earth later that day, at a speed of 18.43 km per second. The slightly smaller space rock is estimated to measure up to 100 meters in diameter.

Although both asteroids are classed as near-Earth objects (NEOs) they are forecast to sail safely past our planet, despite coming into contact with its orbit. They were both discovered this year.

On September 29, another giant 200-meter-wide space rock will silently pass Earth at a distance of around 1.78 million miles. The enormous visitor is comparable in size to Ancient Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza.

The interesting spate of asteroidal activity comes hot on the heels of an amateur astronomer in Brazil discovering a large asteroid that somehow slipped past Earth’s main planetary defenses just last month. 

The discovery served as a reminder to the world’s space agencies that there are still many asteroids out there that have yet to be detected.

Meanwhile a large meteorite chunk was found last month in Brazil too.

Imagine now one of those gigantic asteroids impacting earth. OMG! More space news on RT, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Why Are So Many Asteroids Having Close Calls With Earth In 2020?
    Have you noticed that it seems like stories about asteroids that are approaching the Earth are constantly in the news this year? It wasn’t always this way. In the old days, maybe there would be a story about an asteroid every once in a while, and those stories were never a big deal. But now asteroids are zipping by our planet with frightening regularity, and several more very notable passes will happen over the next few weeks. For example, an asteroid that was just discovered on September 18th will come very, very close to the Earth on Thursday. According to NASA, it will actually come closer to our planet than many of our weather satellites…

  2. .50CAL they say it will hit on NOV 2 2020 before election day?
    What do you think will elections be cancelled? They could be man made asteroids that NASA sent out for when they want to use it? Do we know all cargos they sent up SPACE X? Just world of wisdom?
    Thanks Mohsen BC

  3. One of these days, we will have a cataclysmic asteroid encounter. When I used to work in a very dangerous job, I remember telling a pal, I have a 3% of being killed at work. He said, if you keep working at that job, sooner or later the 3% chance will come your way.

    Same thing with asteroids. If we do have an asteroid encounter, it will probably hit ______________. Fill in the blank with your favorite sh!thole.

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