Another 2020 anomaly: Ozone hole over Antarctica has reached is maximum and is one of largest and deepest in recent years

The 2020 ozone hole over Antarctica is one of the largest and deepest ever
The 2020 ozone hole over Antarctica is one of the largest and deepest ever. Picture ESA video

The Antarctica’s ozone hole has now reached its maximum size. And according to new measurements, the 2020’s hole is one of the largest and deepest in recent years.

As you probably know, each year for the past few decades during the southern hemisphere spring, chemical reactions involving chlorine and bromine cause ozone in the southern polar region to be destroyed rapidly and severely. This depleted region is known as the ozone hole.

The size of the ozone hole fluctuates on a regular basis. From August to October, it increases in size, reaching a maximum between mid-September and mid-October.

When temperatures high up in the stratosphere start to rise, the ozone depletion slows, the polar vortex weakens and finally breaks down, and by the end of December ozone levels return to normal.

New measurements from Copernicus Sentinel-5P show that this year’s ozone hole reached its maximum size of around 25 million km2 on October 2, comparable to the sizes of 2018 and 2015.

Last year, the ozone hole not only closed earlier than usual, but was also the smallest hole recorded in the last 30 years.

The below animation shows the size of the ozone hole from 25 September 2020 until 18 October 2020. Measurements from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite show that this year’s ozone hole over the Antarctic is one of the largest in recent years. A detailed analyses from the German Aerospace Center indicates that the hole has now reached its maximum size.

Polar vortex

The variability of the size of the ozone hole is largely determined by the strength of a strong wind band that flows around the Antarctic area.

This strong wind band is a direct consequence of Earth’s rotation and the strong temperature differences between polar and moderate latitudes.

If the band of wind is strong, it acts like a barrier: air masses between polar and temperate latitudes can no longer be exchanged.

The air masses then remain isolated over the polar latitudes and cool down during the winter.

the scientific conclusions

Our observations show that the 2020 ozone hole has grown rapidly since mid-August, and covers most of the Antarctic continent — with its size well above average,” said Dr. Diego Loyola, a researcher at the German Aerospace Center.

What is also interesting to see is that the 2020 ozone hole is also one of the deepest and shows record-low ozone values.

The total ozone column measurements from the Tropomi instrument on Sentinel-5P reached close to 100 Dobson Units on October 2.

The Sentinel-5P total ozone columns provide an accurate means to monitor ozone hole occurrences from space,” added Copernicus Sentinel-5P mission manager Dr. Claus Zehner, of ESA.

Ozone hole phenomena cannot be used in straightforward manner for monitoring global ozone changes as they are determined by the strength of regional strong wind fields that flow around polar areas.

One thing is sure… our ecosystem will soon collapse… More ozone hole news on Sci-news, ESA, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. “As early as 1912, Antarctic explorers recorded observations of unusual veil-type clouds in the polar stratosphere, although they could not have known at the time how significant those clouds would become. In 1956, the British Antarctic Survey set up the Halley Bay Observatory on Antarctica in preparation for the International Geophysical Year (IGY) of 1957. In that year, ozone measurements using a Dobson Spectrophotometer began.”
    The targeted Chemical R-12 and R-22 first entered laboratory testing in the 1930s as a replacement for Amonia Gas and Liquified Hydrocarbons. The Flourocarbon was a safer refrigerant that entered commercial use in 1959 with the trade name Freon.
    The Montreal Treaty was signed at the end of the R12 patent and phased in R134A that requires a toxic PAG oil known to cause testicular cancer. R410 and other flamable substitutes are now used in USA but globally the use of Freon is still wide spread.
    Freon both 12 and 22 is many times heavier than air and sinks rather than rising the process theory of elevation is seriously flawed and weak. The statements 20 years ago was that it would take many decades to reach the Ozone layer.
    However when solar activity is high and ionosphere is active ozone concentrations increase when activity is low they decrease. Through the years each time the layer thickens and the hole gets smaller they praise the restriction of western use of Freon and when it thins and the hole enlarges they blame freon and now they have begun blaming other compounds and industry solvents that are nearing the end of patent.
    The Ozone layer in my opinion is better understood as a byproduct of ionospheric discharge at the atmosphere intersection with magnetically deflected charged particles from solar wind and cosmic particles causing electrical production of ozone just the same as a home ozone generator. During high flux events the ozone production is greater, during Monder minimums it is lower.
    We are now in the second minimum in a row of sun spot activity and the earth’s magnetosphere is less deflected by solar wind this has caused increases in ground level cosmic radiation and very strong surface level weather fronts. Although it has not happened in our life time there is evidence in histories around the world of prior events such as now.
    Our sun is variable as is our weather and climate in the last 36,000 years we have had many global events that change our climate.
    A quick look at the unaltered data shows that the Cathedral building era was 8 degrees warmer and around 12,000 years ago Greenland had copper mines now under glacier. When Krakatoa went of we had three years without summer. In ireland and scotland there are vitrified castle walls that may have been due to an electrical discharge. In Egpt we have stairs that are melted in at least one of the temples. Some religions have stories of great firestorms and winters.
    Because of the Nature of George Bush senior and the desires of the Cabal it is highly suspect that every edict of FUNDED research is to suppress freedom while forcing adoption of specious restriction while allowing and heralding despotic regimes to pollute unchecked.

    In 1986 I was the CIO of a marketing agency that had Banana Boat as a client. Our firm changed the perspective of mass market concerning sun tan oil to one of a medically necessary Sun Care industry. This elevated the market cap of 16M USD globally to a market cap of 4B USD. We used paid researcher to correlate increased UV exposure to skin cancer increases. That study is a hallmark of current ozone beliefs. While statistically true we did not factor in skin tone and omitted dark skinned people from the data. The majority of skin cancers are suffered by light skinned people in areas where the indigenous people are dark skinned. Just like the D3 studies in northern climates do not track the skin color today. The increase in low D3 is primarily related to low production by darker skinned people. But the marketing of science only contains a modicum of truth.

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