Police charges firefighters on video: Something is going really bad in our society!

French police charges firefighters, French police charges firefighters video, when police charges firefighters something is really bad
French police charges firefighters. Picture via Video

Beginning of this year, French firefighters were protesting for better working conditions and a rise in risk pay.

They also protested for a better job recognition and of the risks they are confronted with everyday.

Finally they were blocking roads in response to an increasing number of human attacks and sabotages against them.

Not sure what happened here to cause this level of escalation but the protesting firefighters were setting off fire crackers.

In another incident near Nation, Paris, firefighters were dispersed by water cannon.

I am sure that the number of domestic fires in Paris and across France increased dramatically in the next days… And then came Corona! More societal collapse news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Just things will get more crazier than the day before. Mankind lost it all over world. 5G network and COVID-20 and Iranian have 4th wave of Corona Virus is in effect. We hope Khamanie get COVID 20 and dies with Rohani they sold nation to China. China owns soon Persian gulf. Israelis knows that so Tehran attack is coming sooner than later.

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