Just get your damn vaccine? 9 dead after flu shots in South Korea spark vaccine fears

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Nice South Koreans died after getting flu shots, sparking vaccine fears… Do you want a shot against Corona?

Nine people have died after getting flu shots in South Korea in the past week, raising concerns over the vaccine’s safety just as the seasonal inoculation programme is expanded to head off potential COVID-19 complications.

Five new deaths were reported on Wednesday (Oct 21) alone, but authorities had no plans to suspend the vaccination programme, unless investigations, including post mortems, revealed a link, which preliminary findings had not.

We have reviewed whether it is appropriate to continue the vaccination or better to suspend and wait for the results,” health official Kim Joong-gon told a briefing.

We came to the conclusion that the deaths had no direct relations with the vaccination given the limited data we have now and without detailed post mortem reports.

Kim said a preliminary investigation into six victims revealed five had underlying conditions.

It makes it hard for us to put out a categorical statement,” Vice Health Minister Kim Gang-lip told a briefing on Wednesday about the deaths, which include a 17-year-old boy and a man in his 70s.

Just after a national vaccine suspension

Coming just weeks after the rollout of the national vaccine programme was suspended over safety worries, the deaths have dominated headlines in South Korea.

South Korean health authorities said on Wednesday they would press on with a flu vaccine programme as there was no reason to believe the scheme was linked to a number of reported deaths.

Jeong Eun-kyeong, the director of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), told a briefing there would be an investigation into the deaths of the people who had received the shots, but the agency had found no reason to suspend the programme.

Officials last month announced plans to procure 20 per cent more flu vaccines for the winter than the previous year to inoculate 30 million people in a bid to prevent the health system being overloaded by patients with flu and COVID-19 exposure.

However, the start of a free jab programme for around 19 million eligible people was suspended for three weeks after it was discovered that some 5 million doses, which need to be refrigerated, had been exposed to room temperature while being transported to a medical facility.

Boosting public trust in vaccines has become a major global challenge this year, as some countries rush to approve experimental COVID-19 vaccines before full safety and efficacy studies have been completed.

South Korea’s flu vaccines are supplied by different drugmakers, including LG Chem and Boryung Biopharma, a unit of Boryung Pharm. 

A Boryung official told Reuters the company was aware of the reported deaths, but had no immediate comment. LG Chem said the company would follow government advice.

Deaths and adverse reactions

A 17-year-old boy who died on Friday was the first death noted by officials to follow receipt of the vaccine. The boy died two days after receiving the flu shot in Incheon, near the capital Seoul.

A man in his 70s, who had Parkinson’s disease and arrhythmia, was the most recent case. He died in Daegu on Wednesday, a day after receiving the flu vaccine. Daegu officials said the man had received vaccines since 2015 with no prior adverse reactions.

Officials said 8.3 million people have been inoculated with the free flu vaccine since it resumed on Oct 13, with about 350 cases of adverse reactions reported. The highest number of deaths linked to the seasonal flu vaccination was six in 2005, according to Yonhap news agency.

Adverse reactions – which included fever, diarrhoea and allergies, according to Jeong – were reported in 430 people who received the jabs.

The number is higher than 132 and 177 cases of adverse reactions reported in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Since 2009, about 25 people who received a seasonal flu vaccination have died, but cause-and-effect has not been established, Jeong said.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, trust in vaccines was a growing challenge for public health bodies.

In South Korea, a poll earlier this month found that 62 per cent of 2,548 respondents in Gyeonggi province, near Seoul, would not get vaccinated against COVID-19, even if a vaccine is approved, until all safety questions are fully answered.

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  7. Digital ‘health passport’ trials under way to aid reopening of borders

    CommonPass aims to create common standard proving a traveller is Covid-free or vaccinated

    A new digital “health passport” is to be piloted by a small number of passengers flying from the UK to the US for the first time next week under plans for a global framework for Covid-safe air travel.

    The CommonPass system, backed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), is designed to create a common international standard for passengers to demonstrate they do not have coronavirus.

    However, critics of similar schemes point to concerns over the sensitivity and specificity of the tests in various countries amid fears over greater monitoring over people’s movements.

    Paul Meyer, the CEO at the Commons Project, which was given startup funding by the Rockefeller Foundation two years ago and created the digital health pass, said countries that have closed borders and imposed quarantines are looking for ways to “thoughtfully reopen” their borders.

    “It’s hard to do that,” he told the Guardian. “It requires being able to assess the health of incoming travellers … Hopefully, we’ll soon start to see some vaccines come on to the market, but there is not going to be just one vaccine.

    “Some countries are going to probably say, ‘OK, I want to see documentation you’ve gotten one of these vaccines, but not one of those vaccines’.”

    Pointing to existing requirements in a number of countries, notably paper-based evidence of a yellow fever vaccination, Meyer said similar proof – held digitally – for coronavirus could soon be required to travel for “the foreseeable future”.

    He added: “This is about risk mitigation. There is no perfectly safe solution. This is about providing information that can help countries reduce the risk of it spreading.”

    The trial will apply for passengers flying from Heathrow to Newark, US, on a United Airlines flight on Wednesday.

    Tests from the private testing company Prenetics will be administered by the travel and medical services firm Collinson in Covid-19 testing facilities set up with Swissport. It follows a pilot by Cathay Pacific on flights between Hong Kong and Singapore.

    However, the test used generally in the UK is not a test of infectiousness, experts have said, as it does not distinguish between those who have the virus and are infectious and those who are no longer infectious. There have been many false results as a consequence.

    There is also suspicion that such schemes could provide a way in to greater monitoring of people’s movements and health statuses, a paper published in the Lancet on Friday said. However, it added, they can facilitate safer movement and the privacy concerns are neither unique nor insurmountable.

    CommonPass confirms a traveller’s compliance with US border requirements after a test at the London airport up to 72 hours before travel along with the completion of a health screening questionnaire.

    A QR code that can be scanned by airline staff and border officials is then produced in the event of a negative test. The process of securing a refund for the flight after testing positive was unclear. CommonPass will be paid by airlines for the service.

    Most arrivals to the UK currently have to quarantine for a fortnight, with only around 45 countries on the country’s quarantine-free “travel corridor” list.

    Mark Burgess, process improvement director at Heathrow, told the Times: “For some time now Heathrow has been calling for the creation of a common international standard and cross-border pilots as these could help governments across the world and the industry to unlock the benefits of testing in aviation.”

    A Department for Transport spokesperson said: “The government is working at pace with industry to identify and implement options to reduce the self-isolation period through testing while protecting public health.

    “We are consulting closely with partners from the aviation, travel, healthcare and testing sectors as well as the devolved administrations to develop measures as quickly as possible to support the recovery of the travel sector.”
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