Full moon glows Blood Red as it rises into California’s inferno

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Blood red full moon appears in the night sky over a burning California. Picture via Youtube video

There was no eclipse on September 30, 2020. But still, as the full moon rose on that day, California’s wildfire-smoke-infused skies caused it to glow a vibrant red over Mount Shasta.

And that’s really an eerie sight to see in California… Yes, wildfires in the state have given the moon a blood-red cast.

The smoke from California’s wildfires have stained the sky red in recent weeks and that effect can have a particularly striking impact at night, turning the full moon a bright shade of red on September 30.

Igor A Chicherin captured this timelapse video on Instagram that shows a crimson moon rising over Mount Shasta.

The effect was seen outside California too.

Dylan Robichaud, a National Weather Association certified meteorologist in Eugene, Oregon, reported on that date that the moon “appeared orange this morning due to the smoke in the upper atmosphere from the California fires.”

According to local meteorologists, the red hues were due to wildfire smoke in the state, which caused hazy skies and a red tint to the moon.

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  1. End of days will have a blood red moon. You will see, and soon. Sun will be blacked out. Keep oil in your lamp.

  2. World WAR 3 is in full spin in China with USA and USA and Iran?
    Don’t f*** around with us’: Donald Trump threatens to do ‘things’ to Iran ‘that have never been done before’ as he drops the f-bomb during ‘radio rally’ with Rush Limbaugh – but obscenity is CENSORED for listeners

    President Donald Trump dropped an f-bomb on conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s show on Friday
    ‘If you f*** around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are going to do things to you that have never been done before,’ Trump told Iran
    The profanity didn’t play over the airwaves, but was captured on Limbaugh’s livestream and memorialized in a transcript on his website
    The president has been caught on hot mic swearing before, as has his political rival, Democratic nominee Joe Biden
    Trump called in to Limbaugh’s show for two hours and had to be played off by music when the segment ended

  3. U.S. imposes new Iran sanctions that may spook European banks

    By Daphne Psaledakis, Arshad Mohammed

    4 Min Read
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States on Thursday slapped fresh sanctions on Iran’s financial sector, targeting 18 banks in an effort to further choke off Iranian revenues as Washington ramps up pressure on Tehran weeks ahead of the U.S. election.
    No deal with Mullahs that lies and took Robert Levinson hostage since 2006 and he was never freed. This terrorist gov of Iran must be brought to collapse. Terrorist regime of Iran is now new ISIS which trying to put terror in heart of Iranian not to topple this regime.
    USA Military strike force is in state of alertness in Persian gulf and Taiwan and Asia.

  4. You’re Right

    Judge Nasrudin was listening to a case. After hearing the plaintiff present his side, Nasrudin remarked, “You’re right.”

    Then, after the defendant had presented his case, Nasrudin again remarked, “Yes, you’re right.”

    Nasrudin’s wife had been listening to the case, and remarked, “that doesn’t make any sense–how can both the defendant and plaintiff be right?”

    “You know what?” Nasrudin responded. “You’re right, too!”
    Hope the best for all .

  5. A US court has ruled that Iran owes $ 4.1 billion in damages to the family of Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent, since his disappearance on Kish Island.

    Judge Timothy Kelly ruled last week that he had accepted an expert offer of $ 7.1 million in compensation to the Levinson family, Reuters reported on Monday. $ 1.3 billion is the amount that Iran must pay as punishment.

    The Levinson family welcomed the judge’s decision in a statement. According to them, this sentence is the first step towards justice for Robert Levinson as a patriotic American who was abducted 13 years ago in Iran.

    The statement added: “Iran has not yet seen the consequences of its actions. Although Judge General’s decision will not return Bob home, we hope it will serve as a warning for further hostage-taking. “We want to try every way we can to get justice for Robert Levinson.”

    Earlier this year, the Levinson family said they believed he had died in custody in Iran, based on information provided by US officials.

    But US President Donald Trump has said he will not accept reports of his death. Iran also denied the news, saying that Levinson had left the country years ago.

    Levinson disappeared in the winter of 1985 after flying from Dubai to Kish Island. The State Department has set aside $ 20 million for any information leading to the discovery of Robert Levinson.
    Iranian terrorist regime is trying to confuse us said he died and where is his body ? I told you all while back ago. Now we know
    there is no body yet delivered to USA?

  6. Thursday October 8 2020, 16:27:45 UTC 171 km ESE of Kirakira, Solomon Islands 4.9 20.7 USGS Feed

    Thursday October 8 2020, 17:45:40 UTC 32 km S of Manley Hot Springs, Alaska 1.3 15.0 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 17:42:20 UTC 13km WNW of Anza, CA 0.3 6.5 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 17:30:48 UTC 13km WNW of Anza, CA 2.7 4.8 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 17:21:01 UTC 17km ENE of Tehachapi, CA 1.9 21.9 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 17:16:20 UTC 13 km SSE of Maria Antonia, Puerto Rico 2.6 15.0 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 17:13:49 UTC 12 km SSE of Volcano, Hawaii 1.7 5.6 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 17:13:49 UTC 12 km SSE of Volcano, Hawaii 1.7 5.6 USGS Feed
    Thursday October 8 2020, 15:58:49 UTC 89 km ESE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea 5.8 24.8 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 15:54:06 UTC 0 km E of Magas Arriba, Puerto Rico 2.5 12.0 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 15:54:06 UTC 0 km E of Magas Arriba, Puerto Rico 2.5 12.0 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 15:48:26 UTC South Sandwich Islands region 5.2 72.4 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 15:48:26 UTC South Sandwich Islands region 5.2 72.4 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 15:36:24 UTC 3 km SW of Guánica, Puerto Rico 2.5 9.0 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 15:32:38 UTC 26km SSW of Ocotillo Wells, CA 1.0 6.0 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 15:25:09 UTC 167 km ESE of Kirakira, Solomon Islands 5.0 40.6 USGS Feed
    Thursday October 8 2020, 14:22:42 UTC 49 km ESE of Nikolski, Alaska 5.1 37.0 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 14:22:39 UTC 47 km ESE of Nikolski, Alaska 5.7 37.0 USGS Feed Detail
    Thursday October 8 2020, 14:22:37 UTC 56 km ESE of Nikolski, Alaska 5.2 17.6 USGS Feed
    We endorse steveQuayle and Jason A Youtube, standeyo, and
    few others as well. Of Course Strange Sounds as well. There will be a lot of news coming Nancy Polosi wants use of 25th amendment to remove Trump for his COVID conditions. A lot of news is going to come not good for the country. 1st Full moon of OCT called crazy Moon?

  7. Lawyers Say Iran Police Publicly Beating, Humiliating Suspects Is Illegal

    By Maryam Sinaee

    The Iranian Police have in recent days resorted to parading detainees on the streets in various cities including Tehran in a show of force that critics argue is aimed at would-be political protestors and that lawyers say is illegal.

    One video posted on social media shows police officers in balaclavas parading suspects on police pick-up trucks in central Tehran while a large crowd lines the sidewalks, watching and recording videos with their mobiles. The masked police are seen hitting the suspects on the head and neck as they beg for forgiveness.

    While police and military commanders have justified such public humiliation on the grounds of reducing crime, many Iranians detect a tactic that is used whenever the authorities fear protests over economic or political issues. “The aim of these performances is instilling fear and awe in people during hard times,” one Twitter user commented on a video showing one of the latest instances of public humiliation posted on Wednesday [October 6].

    On Tuesday Brigadier-General Majid Mir-Ahmadi, acting Intelligence and Security Deputy of the Chiefs of Joint Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, said all armed forces including the police (the Law Enforcement Force) had the duty to crack down on “hooligans and thugs.” Mir-Ahmadi told a gathering of army, Revolutionary Guard and police officers in Isfahan that “the main mandate of the Supreme Leader [for us] is drying up the roots of insecurity in society.”

    Last week, in a meeting with Isfahan’s Prayer Leader, Amir-Ahmadi had said that the Supreme National Security Council had on August 10 ordered the police to form a special unit for battling “thugs and hooligans” in every province and city. Mohammad-Reza Mir-Heydari, Law Enforcement Commander in Isfahan Province, said the armed forces were prepared to suppress anyone inciting “sedition,” whether through economic profiteering, undermining security by theft or violent crimes, or “mocking the values…of the Islamic Republic.”

    ویدئویی از #ضرب_و_شتم، تحقیر و گرداندن متهمان در سطح شهر #تهران

    این متهمان تحت عنوان “ارازل و اوباش” توسط نیروهای نظامی #بازداشت و بدون محاکمه، توسط ماموران نقابدار در سطح شهر و در مقابل انظار عموم مورد تحقیر و ضرب و شتم قرار گرفتند. pic.twitter.com/AUD4y2SoIt

    — خبرگزاری هرانا (@hra_news) October 7, 2020

    Many, including rights activists, have questioned such measures.

    “Punishment [for crimes] is necessary but society does not have the right to carry out any kind of punishment and in any manner [without a legal basis],” Abbas Abdi, political analyst and sociologist, wrote in Etemad newspaper on Saturday. “It is a mistake to think that with heavy sentencing repetition of crime can be prevented…in many cases they commit crimes [again] exactly because they have been humiliated. One can’t put out fire with pouring petrol over it. Intensification of punishment and instilling fear does not prevent others from committing crimes, either.”

    In one of the latest public humiliations, Marzieh Mousavi, a photojournalist wrote in an Instagram post that she had recognized ‘Meysam,’ a 32-year-old man reportedly famous for thuggery in the Moshirieh neighborhood of south-east Tehran, who was paraded by uniformed police after his arrest for armed robbery.

    “I realized his face looked very familiar when [the officers] brought him out of the police station,” Mousavi wrote. “I remembered he was the same man who had been paraded in the same neighborhood nine years ago, which I had also covered.”

    Many government officials and managers of state companies implicated in multi-million dollar corruption and financial fraud cases never receive such a treatment. Many are able even to leave the country and never return. When they are tried, they receive full legal defense and their trials are reported in detail by the media.

    Lawyers and human rights activist have pointed out that public humiliation of suspects is illegal. “Punishing criminals before trial and sentencing is a breach of the law,” a Tehran-based lawyer who declined to be named told Iran International. “Punishing criminals before trial and sentencing is a breach of the law. Article 6 of the Citizens’ Rights Act says suspects should not be humiliated during arrest and interrogation. According to Article 7 of the same law those responsible for ordering or carrying out such shows of violence in public must be dismissed from their position and legally prosecuted.”
    Is this going to be future of all nations?

  8. Thank you Strange sounds for your powerful blog indeed. The terrorist regime of Iran finally closed the Robert Levinson.

    I am just like messenger give you true news info always if i ever gives you all fake news please let me know.
    US court orders $ 1.4 billion fine from Iran to Robert Levinson’s family

    A US court has ruled that the Iranian government must pay more than $ 1.4 billion in “punitive and compensatory” damages to the family of Robert Levinson, a retired AFBI agent who disappeared on a trip to Kish Island in March 2007.

    According to Reuters, in the verdict issued late last week, US District Court Judge Timothy Kelly said he had ordered in a specialized order that a “compensation fine” of $ 107 million be paid to Robert Levinas’ family. He also ordered $ 1.3 billion in “criminal damages.”

    The Levinson family welcomed the judge in a statement. “This is the first step in the pursuit of justice for Robert Levinson, an American patriot who was abducted and has been suffering unimaginably for more than 13 years,” the statement said.

    The statement added that “so far Iran has not been punished for its actions. “The judge’s decision will not bring Bob home, but we hope this will be a warning against Iran’s hostage-taking.”

    “We intend to go all the way and pursue all options to bring justice to Robert Levinson,” the family said.

    A spokesman for Iran’s mission to the United Nations declined to comment immediately.

    Levinson disappeared in March 2007 after flying from Dubai to Kish Island. There, he first met with Daoud Salahuddin, an American Muslim fighter who had fled to Iran. Davood Salahuddin is the man who years ago was charged with the murder of Ali Akbar Tabatabai, a press attaché and spokesman for the Iranian embassy in the United States during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

    The family of Robert Levinson, an American citizen and retired AFBI agent who went missing on Kish Island in March 2007, announced his death on their Facebook page on April 27, 2016. However, US President Donald Trump responded to the announcement. Levinson’s family has said he does not accept the news of Robert Levinson’s death. He stressed that Iran has not yet said anything about this.

    The Associated Press reported the same day that information about the death of Robert Levinson, an American citizen and former FBI agent, was provided by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. The Iranian delegation to the United Nations, however, denied any information in this regard. Is.

    A statement from Robert Levinson’s family said the cause of Levinson’s death was unknown, but that his death occurred before the coronation. The Levinson family said that Robert was living with his family if it were not for the brutal actions of the Iranian regime.

    “They [the Iranian regime] abducted a foreign national and deprived him of the most basic human rights,” the Levinson family said in the same statement. “His blood is on their necks.”

    The Levinson family said in a statement in April that they would spend the rest of their lives suing for the death of Robert Levinson, and that they would do everything in their power to bring the Iranian authorities to justice.
    We have told since 2007 he was in Iran and iran said they sold it to Thai . We told you Khamanie is always lie indeed. No deals with this terrorist regime of Iran if any deal is happened is null and void.
    My views not necessary reflects strange sounds.
    Disclaimer always apply

  9. Majority of Healthcare systems are down? Is it under attacks.
    No one can do anything last week 911 was down and now all major healthcare systems in North America are down? This is ER news must be picked up any one . We prefer Strange sounds follow it?
    We just report you decide for yourself.
    Disclaimer always apply

    TEHRAN – Despite the travel restrictions imposed following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Iran and Iraq, the Iranian people made preparations to commemorate the Day of Arbaeen alongside their Iraqi coreligionists through online campaigns, a move that highlighted the deep impacts past years’ Arbaeen had on the people across the border.

    During the past years, Iranian and Iraqi people from all walks of life have managed to take part in processions held in the run-up to the Day of Arbaeen, which arrives 40 days after the Day of Ashura, which marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who was martyred in the Battle of Karbala on October 10, 680 (Muharram 10, 61 AH), nearly 14 centuries ago.

    But this year, the Iranians are unable to participate in the Great Walk of Arbaeen due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions in Iraq and Iran. Each year, millions of Iranians flock to western and southwestern Iranian provinces bordering Iraq and then travel to the Iraqi city of Karbala on foot from there. This year, a few numbers of Iranians headed to the border crossings with Iraq in an effort to travel to Karbala. But the borders were closed due to coronavirus restrictions. This happened despite the fact that Iranian officials have warned the pilgrims against heading to the borders.
    In late September, the Iranian police chief asked pilgrims not to go to border crossings because the police will prevent them from crossing the borders due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in neighboring Iraq.

    Iran and Iraq both are facing a new wave of Covid-19 infections. On Tuesday, the Iranian Health Ministry announced 227 new Covid-19 deaths, raising the fatalities to 27,419. It also reported a record high number of 4151 new daily infections over the past 24 hours, bringing the total number to 497,825.

    Iraq with a population half of Iran has reported similar numbers. On Tuesday, the Iraqi Health Ministry announced 4,172 new daily Covid-19 infections, raising the total number to 387,191. According to the ministry, 9,531 Iraqis have lost their lives due to the novel coronavirus so far.

    In light of these numbers, Iran and Iraq have closed their borders, effectively banning the Arbaeen ceremony, which is considered as a special day in the calendars of both Iran and Iraq. Of course, Iraqis, unlike the Iranians, are allowed to take part in the Great Walk of Arbaeen given that the holy shrine of Imam Hussein (AS) is located in their country.

    But the Iranian people, who used to stage stately Arbaeen processions, are not going to travel to Iraq. They are not giving up. They have launched online campaigns to honor the memory of Imam Hussein (AS), whose martyrdom played a tremendous role in turning the animosity between Iran and Iraq into amity over the past years, especially after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq in 2003.

    The two countries fought a deadly war in the 1980s after the Saddam regime invaded Iran. The Iran-Iraq war was the longest conventional war and the second-longest war of the twentieth century, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of people from both sides losing their lives.

    But the Arbaeen ceremony created unprecedented amity between the Iranian and the Iraqi people as millions of Iranian pilgrims each year – with the exception of this year- visit Iraq and socialize with their Iraqi coreligionists. Most of these pilgrims have been accommodated in Iraqis’ own houses, creating a unique opportunity for both sides to closely know each other.

    Thanks to the Arbaeen ceremony, Iraqis and Iranians broke away from the past, creating the largest religious gathering in the world during each Arbaeen. These strong bonds have been further strengthened over the past few years, especially after the emergence of the Daesh terrorist group when Iran rushed to help Iraqis thwart the attack of the group, which was marching toward Baghdad after occupying large swaths of the Iraqi territories. Iran gave weapons and logistic support to Iraq to help defeat Daesh.

    Nouri al-Maliki, the former Iraqi prime minister, during whose tenure Daesh occupied large territories of Iraq, has praised Iran for opening its arms depots to the Iraqis during the war against Daesh.

    “Daesh has come [to Iraq] because they [Americans] stopped all types of military support to Iraq and undercut the foundation of the Iraqi army,” the former prime minister said in June, adding, “Washington told the Iraqi delegation; as long as al-Maliki is in power, they will not give weapons to Baghdad to fight Daesh. This is all while Iran and Russia have opened their arms depots to Baghdad in support of the Iraqi army and the Popular Mobilization Forces.”

    In return, Iraq is helping Iran get through the economic pressure that the U.S. put on it. Trade between Iran and Iraq now stands at $12 billion a year. During a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi in June in Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani said Iran and Iraq are willing to increase bilateral trade to $20 billion up from the current $12 billion.

    During his visit, al-Kadhimi also praised the security cooperation between Iran and Iraq and their economic ties.

    “We fought against terrorism and Takfiri groups, and Iran was the first country to stand by Iraq in this fight. We will not forget this. That’s why Iraq is standing by Iran so that it tackles its economic challenges. Iraq has become a market for Iranian goods,” he said.

    As they commemorate the Day of Arbaeen, Iran and Iraq stand ready to protect the strong relationship they built since 2003 and keep alive the memory of Imam Hussein (AS), who became a symbol of their friendship.
    Hell to Hussein and Ayatollahs out of my country now. Shame to terrorist regime of Iran that killed millions in Iraq-War and hanged people of Iran for showing freedom of press , thought and the day shall come soon you will have no place to run and will be brought to justice by will of Iranian secularism. The day is not far away that all majority of Muslim will change 70 % to Christianity and other religions as well. Free yourself from stupid ayatollahs now! Two faces of Islam read it now?

  11. Strange sounds it is something wrong with planet and all humans and all nations are in red alert for world war 3 . Israel closed the country until further notice and Iran also same time with saying to Iranian people if you get virus you die is not our fault and is fault of USA. See how they make people ready for a mother of all war indeed. Instead of incompetency of Ayatollahs they blame it on USA what a crap?400 Iranian killed by Virus daily since 1 months ago?

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