Can you hear them howl? Tonight’s full Moon is the “Wolf Moon”

wolf moon january full moon
January’s full moon is calle the wolf moon. Enjoy the show tonight. Picture via The Old Farmers Almanac

Can you hear them howl?

According to folklore, tonight’s full Moon is the “Wolf Moon,” named long ago by Native Americans after packs of wolves they heard singing during the winter month of January.

Look east at sunset and enjoy the Wolf moonlight.

Alternative names for January’s full Moon

Another fitting name for this full Moon is the Center Moon. Used by the Assiniboine people, it refers to the idea that this Moon roughly marks the middle of the winter season.

Other traditional names for the January Moon emphasize the harsh coldness of the season: Cold Moon (Cree), Frost Exploding Moon (Cree), Freeze Up Moon (Algonquin), Severe Moon (Dakota), and Hard Moon (Dakota). 

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  1. We don’t hear any howling at the moon around my mountain ranch. Nope, when I moved here we had three large packs working. Howling like crazy.
    Until I used my gun-fu on them. Now we have none. They kill the baby antelope and I prefer them roaming out here. Even saved one myself.

    • Yotes not wolves. The mexican wolves are not here yet. Pretty stupid to release predators near ranches. Waste of tax dollars.

      • I do like wolves. They belong up in Yellowstone. They can eat the tourists. That’s the worst part of National Parks. Stupid tourists trying to pet the buffalo or moose. Lol.

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