Last lunar eclipse of 2020 on Nov. 29-30

penumbral lunar eclipse november 29-30, blood moon penumbral lunar eclipse november 29-30, penumbral lunar eclipse november 29-30 map, penumbral lunar eclipse november 29-30 video
A penumbral lunar eclipse over Macedonia on Sept. 16, 2016. Picture: Stojan Stojanovski via

We already had three lunar eclipses in 2020.

The final lunar eclipse of 2020 will appear over North and South America, the Pacific Ocean and its neighboring regions on Nov. 29-30.

Below you will find the visibility map for the last lunar eclipse of 2020, as the moon passes through part of Earth’s shadow.

penumbral lunar eclipse november 29-30, blood moon penumbral lunar eclipse november 29-30, penumbral lunar eclipse november 29-30 map, penumbral lunar eclipse november 29-30 video
visibility map for the penumbral lunar eclipse of Nov. 29-30, 2020. Picture: Fred Espenak/NASA

All lunar eclipses in 2020 are penumbral eclipses, meaning the face of the moon will turn a darker silver color for a few hours.

On Nov. 29-30, about 82% of the Moon’s face will turn a shade darker during the maximum phase of this eclipse.

This fourth eclipse of the year will be the longest of the year, lasting 4 hours, 20 minutes and 59 seconds.

penumbral lunar eclipse november 29-30, blood moon penumbral lunar eclipse november 29-30, penumbral lunar eclipse november 29-30 map, penumbral lunar eclipse november 29-30 video
Moon’s path through the outer part of Earth’s shadow on Nov. 29-30, 2020. Picture: Fred Espenak/NASA

North and South America

penumbral lunar eclipse, penumbral lunar eclipse nov. 29-30, lunar eclipse november 2020
Weather conditions ofr watching the penumbral lunar eclipse of Nov. 29-30. Map via Accuweather

In New York City, the eclipse begins on Nov. 30 at 2:32 a.m. EST (0732 GMT) and ends at 6:53 a.m. EST (1153 GMT), with maximum eclipse occurring at 4:42 a.m. EST (0942 GMT). 

In the coastal city of Lima, Peru, the moon will make first contact with Earth’s penumbral shadow at 2:32 a.m. local time on Monday (Nov. 30). Most of the moon’s face will enter the shadow, and the eclipse will reach its maximum a couple hours later at 4:42 a.m.

Pacific and Philippines

Viewers across the Pacific and the Philippines will see a lunar eclipse already in progress when the moon rises above the horizon. At 3:32 p.m. local time in Manila on Monday, Nov. 30, the lunar eclipse begins. This is before moonrise. Folks will first view the event at 5:23 p.m., and it reaches its maximum at 5:42 p.m. The eclipse wraps up at 7:53 p.m. 

New Zealand

In Auckland, New Zealand, the penumbral eclipse starts at 8:32 p.m. local time on Nov. 30, reaches maximum at 10:42 p.m. and ends the next day (Tuesday, Dec. 1) at 12:53 a.m.

I tell you! This mysterious metal monolith in the Utah desert has something to do with this sky event.

More information and news about this penumbral eclipse of the moon on Nov. 29-30 on, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Iran said distributing pictures of 4 suspects in killing of nuclear chief
    London-based Iranian journalist claims intelligence handing out photos of 4 men suspected of involvement in assassination, as state media says clues found to identity of attackers
    A London-based Iranian journalist claimed late Sunday that Iran has distributed pictures of four suspects in the killing of top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. The claim, tweeted by Mohamed Ahwaze, also known as M Majed, was quickly picked up by Hebrew media, and was the lead item on the websites of Israel’s two main TV channels in the early hours of Monday morning.

    According to the report, Iranian intelligence agents were distributing the photos of the men at hotels across the country and asking hotel owners to immediately inform them if they had seen them.
    The Next 96 Hours will be a hell in middle east. Iran can do nothing much accept sent missiles to deserts of Iraq or Arabs?

  2. Monday November 30 2020, 22:54:59 UTC 76 km WSW of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina 6.3 147.8 USGS Feed Detail
    Monday November 30 2020, 22:54:34 UTC 88 km SSE of Sovetskaya Gavan’, Russia 6.4 587.0 USGS Feed
    I did predict it and much more quakes is coming, Hail storms, Floods, and sinkholes around the globe will be opening up. Iran attack on Haifa is coming sooni! Israel is in state of code red?
    Ayatoolahs will soon be nuked to stone edges, we ask Iranian people to empty all big cities now this is an order?

  3. Dramatic Details Of Iran Assassination, Worthy Of A Hollywood Action Thriller
    New details about the assassination of Iran’s senior nuclear operative have been published in state-controlled media in Iran that are worthy of a Hollywood spy and action thriller.

    Earlier Sunday evening local time Fars and other news agencies without mentioning a source published a report on the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a long-time government official involved in Iran’s highly secretive nuclear and other weapons programs.
    This TV station is supported by MBS KING of Saudi Arabia.
    Mohsen BC Int Journalist
    Discalimer always apply . Freedom of Thought, Press, and Religion

  4. Emergency News : All Israelis Embassies and USA are in state of full code red and terrorist regime of Iran that kills Christians and
    Jews and Muslims must go and Iran is cancer of Middle east.
    TEHRAN – A senior Iranian lawmaker has vowed to significantly raise uranium enrichment level and cease Iran’s cooperation with the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog in response to the assassination of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

    Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, 59, was killed on Friday in a terrorist attack involving at least one explosion and small fire by a number of assailants in Absard city of Damavand County, Tehran Province. Several Iranian officials called for an end to Iran’s cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

    Fereydoun Abbasidavani, the head of the Parliament Energy Committee, said in a tweet that the martyrdom of Fakhrizadeh will change the Parliament’s approach toward the nuclear issue.

    Abbasidavani, who was chief of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) from February 2011 to August 2013, narrowly survived an assassination attempt in northern Tehran in November 2010. He holds PhD in nuclear physics.

    “Right now, the Majlis will focus on four issues, which I will personally pursue: 1- starting 20-percent [uranium] enrichment, 2- expelling all Agency’s inspectors, 3- ending cooperation with the Agency, 4- withdrawing from the JCPOA,” the senior lawmaker said, referring to an acronym for the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

    The Parliament has been reviewing a plan called “strategic action to lift sanctions” since at least early November. The plan is part of a broader strategy that aims to lift the United States sanctions on Iran. Iranian lawmakers had put forward a “strategic bill to lift sanctions” in early November that aims to force the U.S. into lifting sanctions on Iran through doubling down on nuclear activities. The Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Committee held two meetings last week to discuss the bill. During the meetings, the lawmakers approved some of the bill’s articles requiring the government to raise uranium enrichment levels to 20%.. Major War is coming

  5. Strange Sounds we both predicted the WAR. Thanks a lot for freedom of press and freedom of thought and democracy.

    How Mossad executed Iran’s nuclear chief: Power to entire region was cut as his convoy was ambushed with huge bomb, snipers and gunmen on motorbikes before he was dragged from car and finished off… and then assassins melted away

    New details have emerged of the precisely-coordinated plot to kill an Iranian
    Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, believed to be 59, was assassinated on Friday
    Mossad is being blamed by Iran for the nuclear scientist’s murder
    An Iranian journalist, Mohamad Ahwaze, published a leaked account of events
    Ahwaze said that 62 operatives were involved in the attack on Fakhrizadeh
    Fakhrizadeh’s convoy of three bulletproof cars was targeted near Absard
    A Nissan was moved into position and rigged to explode as Fakhrizadeh passed
    Snipers waited for the convoy, plus a Hyundai car with assassins inside
    Iran has vowed retaliation for the killing of their top nuclear scientist

    By Harriet Alexander For

    Published: 06:12 GMT, 29 November 2020 | Updated: 07:08 GMT, 29 November 2020




    View comments

    Remarkable detail of the plot to kill an Iranian nuclear scientist emerged on Saturday, a day after the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh reverberated around the world.

    Sixty two people were involved in the scheme, according to Mohamad Ahwaze, an Iranian journalist who exposed the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic in his country.

    Ahwaze said he had obtained leaked Iranian information.

    Iranian officials have blamed Israel’s Mossad for the assassination. One American official and two other intelligence officials also told the New York Times that Israel was behind the attack.

    Ahwaze said that 12 members of the team, who he described as being highly trained and assisted by ‘security and intelligence services abroad’, were deployed to the city of Absard, 50 miles east of Tehran.

    The mountain retreat of 10,000 people is where many Tehranis have second homes, and Fakhrizadeh, 59, had a villa there.

    Another 50 people, Ahwaze said, helped with logistical support. He did not specify whether they were in Iran, or abroad.

    The team had been watching Fakhrizadeh, and knew that he was going to be driving from Tehran to Absard on Friday.

    They planned the attack for a roundabout in Absard, at the foot of a tree-lined boulevard which enters the city.

    A Hyundai Santa Fe with four passengers, four motorcyles and two snipers were waiting for him at the scene of the ambush, along with a booby-trapped Nissan pickup.

    Exact script from Tehran series indeed.
    Mohsen BC Int Journalist
    Disclaimer Always Apply

  6. Watch: F-35 Stealth Fighter Drops Mock Nuclear Bomb Over Nevada Desert

    Tyler Durden

    Wed, 11/25/2020 – 22:30

    We recently highlighted the possibility that the US and China “may well be on the road to war, and nuclear war is no longer unthinkable.” For years, we’ve discussed the relentless quest of Washington elites, preparing the empire for the inevitable collision with China as the battle for economic supremacy nears.

    The rapid modernization of the military under the Trump administration, costing taxpayers $2 trillion, was an important signal in gauging Washington Warhawks’ level of military preparedness as the threat of rising China increases by the day.

    President Trump has described the trillions of dollars allocated to the military as a “colossal rebuilding” effort – something he says has ‘never been done before.’ Trump has routinely described all sorts of new military technology, including fifth-generation stealth jets, hypersonic missiles, and increased nuclear weapon capability.

    While dangers of confrontation have increased in 2020 as US warships continue to sail through the South China Sea, or Chinese warplanes buzz Taiwan’s airspace – Trump is still president for 57 days, meaning that anything is possible in the next two months.

    In a show of force, the Air Force released a video Monday showing a Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II dropping a mock nuclear bomb at Sandia National Laboratories’ Tonopah Test Range over the Nevada desert.

    “We’re showing the B61-12’s larger compatibility and broader versatility for the country’s nuclear deterrent, and we’re doing it in the world of COVID-19,” said Steven Samuels, a manager with Sandia’s B61-12 Systems Team.

    Samuels said, “We’re not slowing down. We’re still moving forward with the B61-12 compatibility activities on different platforms.”

    We noted in June that another F-35 dropped a mock nuclear bomb at a test range in the California desert.

    In 2018, the Pentagon upgraded its B61 nuclear gravity bombs, a move that would increase the lifespan for decades.

    “The upgraded, B61-12 LEP will replace all of the bomb’s nuclear and non‐nuclear components for another two decades, and improve the bomb’s safety, effectiveness, and security. This life extension program will address all age-related issues of the weapon, and enhance its reliability, field maintenance, safety, and use control,” the National Nuclear Security Administration said in a tear off sheet.
    Long Live F35 and USA and Israel.

  7. Nuking Iran to stone ages is coming , people of Iran are ready for such a sacrifice to get them free for life. Iranian inside in Iran have no problem with attacking Iran. As we have reported terrorist Gov of Iran that kills its citizens and keep hostages of all nations specially Robert Levinson ex FBI agent since 2006 . This terrorist gov of Iran that pays thier proxys militia for the creating terrorism world wide. This bloody regime is cancer of middle east and must go by any means. Iranian inside Iran burning flag of satanic regime of Iran in thier homes and celebrating the death of father of Iranian nuclear bomb.
    Thanks a lot for cordiating attack with MKO are Iranian militia loyal to Maryam Rajavi in Paris. They are half accept Islam and are leftist as well. KomoMuslims.
    Iran’s Supreme Leader vows ‘definitive punishment’ for those behind ‘Israeli’ assassination of top nuclear scientist – as former CIA director brands it ‘reckless’ amid claims Trump will strike before leaving office

    Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi was killed in ambush involving explosion then machine gun fire near Tehran
    Sent tensions in the regions soaring as Iran accused Israel of trying to provoke war by assassinating him
    Adviser to supreme leader Ali Khamenei echoed claim that Israel was behind the attack and issued warning
    Said Iran will ‘descend like lightning on the killers of this oppressed martyr’ and they will ‘regret their actions’

    IRAN can do nothing . Khamanie no nations in the world will accept you .
    Mohsen BC Journalist Int

  8. US deploys aircraft carrier USS Nimitz to the Persian Gulf ‘as cover for troops leaving Iraq and Afghanistan’ after assassination of Iran’s chief nuclear scientist – as it’s claimed Saudi Arabia has reservations about strikes on Iranian facilities

    The USS Nimitz is being sent to the Persian Gulf by the Pentagon, according to a report by CNN
    Deployment is aimed at securing the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, it is claimed
    There is growing chatter about possible military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities before Trump leaves office
    Report claims Israel is pushing the US to hit Iran’s nuclear sites, but Saudi Arabia is said to have reservations
    Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ‘expressed reluctance while meeting Netanyahu and Pompeo’
    Regional tensions are high after a top Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated, state media confirmed
    Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi was killed in car following explosion and then machine gun fire near to Tehran
    His death comes two years after Israel’s Premier Netanyahu warned the world to ‘remember that name’
    Images of the aftermath show blood pooled on road by a car – with a windscreen peppered with bullet holes
    Iranian military adviser accused Israel of launching attack to ‘intensify pressure’ and create ‘full-blown war’

    By Ariel Zilber For and Jemma Carr For Mailonline

    Published: 23:30 GMT, 27 November 2020 | Updated: 01:34 GMT, 28 November 2020




    View comments

    The United States military has deployed the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz to the Persian Gulf alongside other warships in order to provide ‘combat support and air cover’ for soldiers withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The deployment comes as tensions in the region have ratcheted up following the assassination on Friday of a top scientist who headed Iran’s nuclear program.

    The decision to deploy the Nimitz to the Persian Gulf was made before the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi – a physics professor and former officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

    Iran on Friday accused Israel of trying to provoke a war by assassinating Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi, whom Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had named as the father of the rogue nation’s nuclear program.

    One American official and two other intelligence officials confirmed to the New York Times that Israel was behind the attack.

    Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi was killed in an ambush involving an explosion and then machine gun fire on the road between the countryside town of Absard and the capital of Tehran.

    Iranian state TV said explosives hidden in a pickup exploded in front of the car, scattering debris hundreds of yards, before up to six gunmen emerged from another car and opened fire, the Times reported.

    Those wounded in the attack were rushed to a local hospital but medics were unable to revive Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi.
    World War 3 everything is placed in order. We welcome killing of Head of Pasdaran also head of Atom Bomb in Iran. It was
    great and Iranian in Iran dancing and partying in thier home and burning the flag of ayatoolahs in thier yards.
    Mohsen BC Int Journalist
    Terrorist regime of Iran is cancer in middle east must be nuked now!!
    We welcomed the test of fake atomic bomb from F35 in Nevada was for Iran intented.

  9. World War 3 is reshaping our future! Nuke Iran or never Israel is out of options , the time line is DEC suprise or January 2021 suprises?

    Are Israel and the US planning to attack Iran?
    An Israeli strike against Iran is extremely complicated and has always been viewed by the IDF as a last resort.
    By YAAKOV KATZ NOVEMBER 14, 2020 18:29
    Email Twitter Facebook fb-messenger
    IAF, USAF hold joint F-35 drill in southern Israel (photo credit: IAF)
    IAF, USAF hold joint F-35 drill in southern Israel
    (photo credit: IAF)
    In 2008, after the election that brought former US president Barack Obama to power, there were some officials in Israel who were confident that the previous president, George W. Bush, would not leave office with Iran’s nuclear facilities still standing. They were wrong. Iran’s nuclear facilities are not only still standing; they have grown in quality and quantity.
    This is important to keep in mind amid speculation – once again during a presidential lame duck period – that in his last few weeks in office, Donald Trump will either order US military action against Iran or give Israel a green light, as well as some assistance, to do so on its own.
    The speculation has a number of catalysts. First was the firing of Mark Esper as secretary of defense this past week and the replacement of him and other top Pentagon officials with Trump ideologues. Some media outlets in the US have raised the possibility that Trump wanted to get Esper out of the way, so he could more easily carry out controversial military moves.
    In addition, there is no doubt that there is a lot of coordination already taking place on Iran. Elliott Abrams, the administration’s top envoy on Iran, was in Israel this week for talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be here next week for three days to continue those conversations; and on Thursday night, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi held a video call with his US counterpart, chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley.
    And then there was the interview that H.R. McMaster, Trump’s former national security adviser, gave to Fox News on Wednesday in which he raised the possibility that Israel – fearful of President-elect Joe Biden’s Iran policies – would attack Iran in the twilight of Trump’s term in office.
    For veteran Israel-Iran watchers, this feels like a rerun of what happened in 2008 as well as in 2012 when Israel also seemed on the verge of an attack. While ministers later confirmed that Netanyahu had in fact wanted to launch an attack in 2012, he ultimately failed to muster support in the cabinet, so the IDF had no choice but to back down.
    THIS IS all important to keep in mind amid the current speculation. While anything is possible – especially with Trump – there does not seem to be an immediate urgency right now to attack.
    There are also no signs of activity in the IDF that would indicate a possible war, like beefing up forces in the North or preparing the home front for the missile onslaught that will likely follow. On the other hand, we should not necessarily expect to see moves that would give away a strike in the planning. In 2007, ahead of Israel’s bombing of Syria’s nuclear reactor, almost no one knew about it within the IDF, let alone throughout the country.
    When it comes to the sense of urgency, while the International Atomic Energy Agency’s report this past week about Iran’s growing uranium stockpile is concerning, Tehran is still not at the point of building a bomb since it is not yet enriching uranium to military-grade levels. If that were to happen, the clock would definitely start ticking toward a possible bombing. But absent such enrichment – or some other piece of secret intelligence that the public is not aware of – there does not seem to be an immediate reason to attack right now.
    Keep in mind that an Israeli strike against Iran is extremely complicated and has always been viewed by the IDF as a last resort. It is just that the threat is not yet at the point to warrant a military strike.
    And then there is politics. Netanyahu has enough trouble heading into a new election campaign, which has a good chance of starting sometime in the coming week or two. His management of the coronavirus crisis has weakened him and his popularity ratings are falling. A war with thousands of rockets raining down all across Israel will probably not help.
    Despite all the above, it is important to keep in mind that almost anything is possible when dealing with these two leaders – Trump and Netanyahu – who are unpredictable and willing to do a lot to stay relevant and in office.
    Mohsen Int Journalist BC

  10. Last eclipse of the moon in our hemisphere, I noticed my geese and ducks got spooked.

    When the full moon goes behind the clouds they spook too. So, I’m not sure anything malevolent is going on, but I did notice these things.
    I’ve been searching the craigslist local for somebody getting out of a minty telescope. It’s clear up in the mountains. I can see the Milky Way on good nights. No city lights. Be nice to put up in the hunting tower. There’s absolutely zero to do up here at night, so eyeballing the heavens might be fun?

  11. Yes Strange Sounds agreed indeed.
    Taiwan Counters Chinese Threats By Inaugurating Indigenous Submarines That Will Be Equipped With Deadly Harpoon Missiles
    The ceremony marked the beginning of the production of eight indigenous submarines which will be completed in the third quarter of 2024. It is expected to carry out sea trials in 2025.

    Reportedly, a contract of NT$49.5 billion (US$1.7 billion) was awarded to state-backed CSBC Shipbuilding to develop a prototype submarine. The submarine will be equipped with MK-48 Mod 6 Advanced Technology heavyweight torpedoes, UGM-84L sub-launched Harpoon Block II missiles, and other combat and digital sonar systems provided by US suppliers Lockheed Martin and Raytheon reported SCMP citing Taiwanese naval officials.

    The Harpoon missiles which will be integrated with the indigenous submarines will be supplied by the US in a deal worth over $2 billion. The Harpoon is a subsonic, highly versatile, all-weather anti-ship missile manufactured by Boeing.

  12. This is another warning gates of hell for all humanity is going to open fully. Thanks a lot strange sounds. There is something going on in middle east is Iran strike happening now or in progress or will happening soon?

  13. Weird stuff happens during lunar eclipses. Witches do their blood sacrifices, spirit cooking, and cannibal cuisine. Wait till more people are awakened to this crap.

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