New deadly disease dubbed VEXAS gives men fevers, blood clots, and inflammation

The VEXAS syndrome, 'The VEXAS syndrome': Scientists discover a rare and deadly inflammatory disorder in men, Scientists discover a rare and deadly inflammatory disorder in men
‘The VEXAS syndrome’: Scientists discover a rare and deadly inflammatory disorder in men. Picture:

There are likely hundreds of men in the United States, if not more, who suffer from a just-discovered genetic disease that causes symptoms including blood clots in veins, recurrent fevers, lung system abnormalities, and — in 40% of patients — death. 

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health discovered the disease, named VEXAS, by working backwards: Rather than grouping people with similar symptoms and searching for biological explanations, they searched the genetic makeup of 2,500 people for variations that could be linked to the wide-ranging symptoms of their undiagnosed inflammatory conditions. 

We had many patients with undiagnosed inflammatory conditions who were coming to the NIH Clinical Center, and we were just unable to diagnose them,” said Dr. David B. Beck, clinical fellow at NHGRI and lead author of the paper.

That’s when we had the idea of doing it the opposite way. Instead of starting with symptoms, start with a list of genes. Then, study the genomes of undiagnosed individuals and see where it takes us.

Using that method, the scientists eventually identified three middle-aged men who all had the same mutations in a gene called UBA1. They later discovered 22 other men with the same mutations and similar symptoms, like blood clots and fevers. 

The research team named the disease VEXAS after its key characteristics: vacuoles (unusual cavity-like structures in certain cells), E1 enzyme (which is related to UBA1), X-linked (per the chromosome it’s connected to), autoinflammatory (meaning the immune system accidentally attacks the body) and somatic (since the condition seems ot pop up sometime during the patient’s life, rather than at birth).

The researchers suspect VEXAS has only been found in men because it’s linked to the X chromosome, of which men only have one. Women’s additional X chromosome, they hypothesize, could be protective in this case. 

Since the paper was published, 25 more patients with the syndrome have been found, but the study authors expect the true prevalence to be much higher – there are nearly 125 million people in the US with some form of a chronic inflammatory disease. 

Well hopefully this research will open up a whole world of potential therapeutics down the line. More medical news on Yahoo, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. VEXAS:
    Not sure what to make out of this one?

    Don’t get sciatica. That condition is very painful. Nerve pain is pretty bad, as medicines don’t work. I don’t use alcohol or pain meds. Don’t like these.

    I use extreme pressure on nerve for 30 seconds. Then release pressure. Seems to block the pain out. I don’t know why it works.

  2. BS! If this man-made targeted disease was because of men’s one less chromosome, it would not be a “new” disease!!

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