Top Tips to Cut Out Distractions While Studying

What is the best way to get rid of distractions like your phone while studying?
What is the best way to get rid of distractions like your phone while studying? Picture via Quora

College and school can be an incredibly overwhelming experience, especially when you are persistently trying to keep up with your grades, have a part-time, and want to balance your work and relationships.

Many of us tend to get distracted from our routine tasks by phone calls, text messages, and push notifications.

Following research, it was found that typically a student gets distracted at least five out of the fifteen minutes that they set aside for studying. These five minutes go into social media or texting. 

Given that there is so much continually happening around us, how can students stay focused on their studies? Well, it is indeed tricky, but it is not impossible. 

Here, we have a list of tips and tricks that can help you better your productivity. 

  • Mute or silence the notifications
  • Ensure that while you study, your internet tabs are shut
  • Maintain a to-do list
  • Divide all the big projects into smaller pieces
  • To cut out the outside noise, use headphones and music
  • Find an environment for yourself that helps you study well
  • Organize and clean your work desk
  • Reward yourself on every small accomplishment

Now, we will elaborate and explain how these can prove to be helpful for you.

Mute or silence the notifications

Continually receiving text messages or social media notifications are the biggest enemy for a child’s study time. Thus, when you sit down to study, you should either put your phone on DND mode or keep it silent.

Further, it would be best if you shut all the open tabs unnecessarily opened on the computer. If you do have to use the internet for studying, keep just one tab open.

The best way to avoid notifications is by turning off your phone and keeping it in a separate room, suggests Diana, an algebra online tutor

Maintain a to-do list

Juggling between several deadlines and managing truckloads of schoolwork can be a bit stressful. Moreover, when you are catering to one assignment, you may forget about the other tasks lined up. Thus, it is essential to organize all your deadlines and manage the tasks by scheduling everything properly.

Every student must be aware of the time of the day that they are most productive and set that time aside for homework and other school activities. Maintaining a calendar or a digital calendar can help keep a tab on all your assignments. Paper planners are ideal for people who like scheduling appointments or writing down their to-do lists by hand.

A popular study suggests that the mere task of jotting down things can improve your memory and concentration. If you opt for a digital mode, you can schedule your tasks across different devices and set reminders for each of them.  

Divide all the big projects into smaller pieces

Get rid of the procrastination by simply breaking down a more significant project into several smaller chunks. Finding the motivation to do a big task is easier if you have broken it down into several smaller projects. So, anytime you are finding it challenging to manage an assignment, break it down.

You can also reach out to any popular do my assignment to help you with any tough homework. Further, it is essential that after dedicating 45-50 hours to your studies, you should take a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes of break. Taking frequent breaks helps boost your productivity and makes it easier for you to retain what you have learned. 

To cut out the outside noise, use headphones and music

At times, you may be forced to work in a noisy environment. In this case, we recommend using noise cancellation headphones. When you listen to the music via earbuds, even that tunes out all the distracting noises, such as the noise of ongoing construction work or the noise of people talking loudly.

Even though listening to music may be distracting while studying, but if you play instrumental or classical music, it can help you with concentration, recommends Rhea, who offers the best online violin lessons

Find an environment for yourself that helps you study well

Even though a few students can work fine when there is some background noise, others like to study in an environment with zero noise. Thus, you need to know the environment that best works for you.

Are you someone who outperforms in a library or someone who works faster in a coffee shop that has some ambient noise? It is best to try out different environments, which can help you decide what best works for you. 

Organize and clean your work desk

Is your desk full of papers, books, stationery, and other unnecessary clutter? Please get rid of it. Clutter is the most distracting thing while studying; it diminishes your productivity, points out persuasive essay tutor, Sanya, who helps students learn how to write a persuasive essay.

Thus, before you start, quickly analyze your desk. See what all do you need, and what is extra. A clean study desk can also be a good motivation booster. 

Reward yourself on every small accomplishment

Little motivation can take you places. So, while studying, it is a great thing to have a reward system to encourage yourself. For instance, if you complete your math chapter without wasting any time, in the schedule, you can reward yourself with a nap, a video game, or an episode of your favorite show.

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