Monster landslide buries dozens of people and houses in up to 50ft of mud in Guatemala (video and pictures)

Up to 21 are dead and a hundred are missing in Guatemala after a huge landslide buries homes in 50ft of mud after Hurricane Eta wreaks havoc in Central America, mudslide guatemala death, eta guatemala,
Remains of a truck in an area affected by a mudslide, caused by the heavy rains brought by storm Eta, while the search for victims continues in the buried town of Queja, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, November 7, 2020. Picture by Esteban Bilba / EFE / Pool via REUTERS

Torrential downpours ripped down parts of a mountainside above the village of Queja, Guatemala burying dozens of people in their homes in up to 50ft (15 meters) of mud.

Meanwhile, 21 dead have been digged out but, according to officials, there are still more than 100 missing people and rescue efforts have been called off, maybe permanently as the situation is too dangerous.

The church in the village has been transformed into a morgue as seen in the video below:

Some of the houses in Queja are under 50ft of mud. The torrential downpours make the soil too loose to safely work, and trigger new landslides forcing workers to flee to safer ground.

Now, Eta is approaching the southern tip of Florida, with further destruction expected.

The storm is expected to hit Cuba by early Sunday, and approach the Florida Keys and south Florida late Sunday or Monday.

There are terrible stories of survivors losing all their family after the montain collapsed.

For example, Gloria Cac said 22 family members were missing after the mountain collapsed. Yes, all her family is gone, she’s the only survivor. Her dad, mom, siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents, they’re all gone. Twenty-two family members and it’s just her alive.

Queja had been home to about 1,300 people. Not all its houses habe been buried in the wall of mud… But more than enough.

President Alejandro Giammattei on Friday suggested up to 150 people could have died in the Queja landslide. 

Hurricane Eta spread destruction from Panama to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico, killing at least 65 people. Its level of devastation recalls Hurricane Mitch, which killed some 10,000 people in Central America in 1998.

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  1. Probably shouldn’t build homes where a hillside can slide down on top of you. We bad severe mudslides one season. All the homes near hillsides that had burned in summer had major issues. No ground cover from fires leads to unstable hillsides during the rainy season.
    We had to build retaining walls.

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