World War III is now ‘a real risk’

coronavirus world war 3, Consequences of the pandemic could possibly lead to World War 3
Consequences of the pandemic could possibly lead to World War 3. Picture via ZeeNews

The corona lockdowns had dramatic consequences on the international and local economies. This fallout has made the prospect of World War 3 ‘a risk’, said General Sir Nick Carter, UK’s most senior military commander.

UK and the rest of the world would need to ‘learn’ from history and the international missteps that led to the previous world wars in the last century given the uncertainties caused by the pandemic. 

Here are the arguments of the Chief of the Defence Staff:

  • The coronavirus pandemic and measures to slow its spread had cost the global economy $3.8 trillion (£3 trillion), and put 147 million people out of work. 
  • There was a worry that the increase in regional conflicts playing out across the world could ramp up into ‘a full-blown war’, mirroring the run-up to the two world wars in the 20th century when a series of alliances between countries led to years of bloodshed.
  • The world has become ‘a very uncertain and anxious place’ during the pandemic, and thus there is the possibility ‘you could see escalation lead to miscalculation.’

We have to remember that history might not repeat itself but it has a rhythm and if you look back at the last century, before both world wars, I think it was unarguable that there was escalation which led to the miscalculation which ultimately led to war at a scale we would hopefully never see again,‘ said Sir Nick.

World War I began in 1914 after the assassination of Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand ultimately led to Europe’s major powers ending up in conflict.

World War II was precipitated by a stand-off between the increasingly aggressive Nazi Germany and the UK. 

So do you think there is a real threat of World War III? I’m just saying it’s a risk and we need to be conscious of those risks.

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  1. Not F-22 or F-35 Jets, But This Aircraft Is The No. 1 Choice Of US Air Force For Combat Missions

    A recent test of the United States Air Force’s prototype of the sixth-generation fighter jets has revealed that the stealthy pair of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning and F-22 Raptor will no longer be America’s most advanced fighters.

    Pak Soldiers ‘Hid In The Woods’ After Indian Army’s ‘Punishing Attack’ On Pakistani Bunkers – Chinese Expert

    While the sixth-generation fighter jets are likely to dominate the skies only by the end of the 2020s or by mid-2030s, the one aircraft that is set to become the US’ number one priority is the B-21 Raider Stealth Bomber, which is currently under development.

    The test was carried under the US’ Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) program.

    For years, the fifth-generation duo — F-35 fighters and F-22 Raptors — have cemented their position among the world’s elite because of their state-of-the-art features and immensely powerful stealth abilities.

    Both fighters showcase air superiority and rank as the most modern fighters currently. However, the fact that features such as stealth will be a prerequisite for almost all sixth-generation aircraft, including the NGAD fighter, UK’s Tempest, and the European FCAS aircraft, is not good news for the American pair.

    Most importantly, US Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown has confirmed the Pentagon’s priority shift from the Lockheed fighters to other aspects of the service.


    Brown, while mentioning his top three modernization priorities for the US Air Force, said, “It’s really the capability that matters. And as we look at, you know, future conflicts, we may be fighting differently. I don’t know that for a fact. But when I came in, cyber wasn’t a thing. Now it is. Space was a benign environment. Now, not as much.”

    Among the top priorities of the US Air Force is a nuclear-capable stealth aircraft, and Northrop Grumman’s B-21 Raider appears to be a clear winner on this parameter.

    Prior to his dismissal by President Donald Trump, former US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper had visited the company’s headquarters in Virginia to get an update on the development of the program, where he stressed the need for nuclear modernization.

    7000-Tonne, Most Lethal Chinese Submarine Type-093A Heightens Tension As It Goes Hunting In The Sea

    “Nuclear modernization is a department priority – especially in our efforts to implement the National Defense Strategy. We have made great strides in ensuring the strength and reliability of our nation’s nuclear deterrent. The ability to strike any target, anywhere is the ultimate strategic deterrent, and the B-21 Raider will bring that capability,” Esper had said.

    Designed to carry both nuclear and conventional weapons, B-21 Raider is the country’s most advanced fighter, which was inducted into the US Air Force as part of the Long-Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B) program.

    The tailless bomber which holds a huge resemblance to its predecessor, the iconic B-2 Spirit Bomber, is expected to be in the service in the next two years.

    It will serve as an advanced, very long-range, large, heavy-payload, stealth, intercontinental strategic bomber. It will also bring new dimensions of stealth, software, offensive possibilities, and nuclear deterrence technique.

    General Timothy Ray, the head of Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC), said the US is excited to welcome the Raiders into the forces.

    “The progress I saw today further adds to my confidence that the B-21 Raider will preserve our long-range strike and penetrating bomber capability…We’re excited to get the B-21 Raider to bases in the mid-2020,” he added.

    In view of the current South China Sea tension, the B-21 Raiders are seen as a potential option to be used against the hostile enemy in the future.

    According to reports, the US has scaled up its requirements from the earlier 80 to 100 B-21s to 180 such bombers.

    In addition, the B-21 could play an important role in hitting heavily guarded targets, according to General Mark E. Weatherington, Commander, Eighth Air Force, and Commander, Joint-Global Strike Operations Center.

    “The B-21 is intended to stand in and hit heavily-defended targets with special-purpose weapons that we can use to strike from a distance or by other means. We know the B-21 will bring unique characteristics with low observability and weapons,” he said.

    CPEC: Internal Pressure, External Threat – Why China’s $60 Billion Investment In Pakistan Is At Risk?

    The B-21 Raider is the first US multirole bomber that is loaded with surveillance, communications, drone, or electronic warfare packages to carry out a variety of missions, particularly in ‘denied environments’.

    It is reported that the bomber might also be equipped with the Advanced Applications Rotary Launcher (AARL), used by the B-2 bomber, which will enable it to carry eight bombs or missiles.

    As per the instructions of the US Air Force, the aircraft is being built with an “open architecture” hardware, and the software system, so the bomber can have easier integration with future upgrades.
    Disclaimr always apply
    Mohsen Int Journalist

  2. Donald Trump ‘was talked out of’ launching a missile strike on Iran’s main nuclear site last week by his four top advisers who warned it could trigger a war

    President Trump asked senior advisers about taking action against Iran’s main nuclear site at a meeting last Thursday, the New York Times reported Monday
    Four current and former US officials said Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were among those present at the meeting
    The meeting took place a day after international inspectors informed UN members that Iran had significantly increased its stockpile of nuclear material
    Trump’s advisers talked him out of launching a strike by warning that such action could trigger a wider conflict with Iran
    The strike likely would have targeted Iran’s main nuclear site, Natanz

    My predictions always right an accurate ?
    Disclaimer Always Apply
    Mohsen BC Journalist

  3. “Although tyranny…may successfully rule over foreign peoples, it can stay in power only if it destroys first of all the national institutions of its own people.”

    ~ Hannah Arendt

    In order for tyrants to claim and retain total power, the people must become ignorant of their own history and roots, and must through propaganda and fear be so terrified as to abandon all logic and responsibility in order to seek a false safety. In this country today, history and tradition are being destroyed, while the ruling class and government have stoked immense fear based on a propaganda campaign that was used to create a make-believe threat called Covid-19. Every element is now in place to transfer all power to the state, and in order for that coup to be successful for the tyrants, all dissent and disobedience to totalitarian mandates must be squelched. The key element to accomplish this lies in the ability for the government to instill division and distrust among the people themselves; so much so, that the masses turn on each other to assure compliance to order to have a false sense of security. This leads to voluntary servitude, which is vital to the evil governing system, because once force is the only option for the state, chaos, revolution, or violent civil unrest will replace tyranny.

    With this in mind, the plot to achieve an economic and technological reset is being pursued through lies and propaganda at every level, including the use of the military within the boundaries of the United States. This is happening globally as well, and in fact is far advanced in some areas of the world. This should be of extreme importance to Americans, because what is happening in other parts of the world will soon be on our doorstep, as the areas around the globe experiencing more extreme control measures are being used as tests to gauge when to let loose similar policies here. It is only a matter of time.
    Source is
    Mohsen BC Journalist

  4. ‘Don’t you dare ask us to go quietly into the night’: Judge Jeanine Pirro rips into Democrats telling Trump and his supporters to ‘accept he lost and move on’

    Jeanine Pirro launched the attack at the top of her Fox News show on Saturday
    It came hours after tens of thousands of Trump fans marched through DC to show support for the president’s unsubstantiated claims of election fraud
    Pirro listed off some of those claims and said Trump has no obligation to concede until they are investigated fully
    ‘Don’t you dare ask us to just accept it and move on,’ Pirro declared
    Early Sunday Trump admitted for the first time that Biden won the election
    But he quickly clarified that he still believes he is the rightful winner and the election was ‘stolen’ by Democrats

    Judge Jeanne Pirro we love you .

    Mohsen BC Journalist
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  5. Iran Dangerously Close To Developing Nuclear Weapons; Will Trump Fire The ‘Last Shot’ Before His Exit?
    While military observers have raised concerns over accidental confrontations between the US and China, Iran has created waves of fear in the international community as the global nuclear watchdog said that Tehran has more than 12 times the amount of enriched uranium than the stipulated amount in the 2015 nuclear deal.
    The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has revealed in its report distributed to member states that Iran’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium had reached 2,442.9kg (5,385.6lb) this month.

    Although the report doesn’t mention the site where it had found nuclear material. An anonymous AFP news agency source has said that there was no indication it had been used for processing uranium, but it could have been used to store the material.

    Tehran has said that the presence of nuclear is “exclusively for peaceful purposes”, however, the report has rejected the explanation as “not credible”.

    “The agency informed Iran that it continues to consider Iran’s response to be not technically credible,” the report said. “A full and prompt explanation from Iran regarding the presence of uranium particles of anthropogenic origin … at a location in Iran not declared to the Agency, is needed,” it added.

    The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear deal, was signed between Iran and P5+1 namely China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States—plus Germany, imposing an embargo on Iran’s nuclear activities and allow international inspections in its facilities, in return for lifting economic sanctions.
    File:Iranian Protesters Burning USA Flag.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

    File: Iranian Protesters Burning USA Flag – Wikimedia Commons

    Under the deal, Iran is allowed to enrich uranium to a purity of up to 3.67% while it has currently reached 4.5%. Additionally, the deal allows producing upto 300kg of enriched uranium in a particular compound form (UF6), which is the equivalent of 202.8kg of uranium.

    Uranium with a concentration of 3-5% of U-235 isotopes can be used to produce fuel for power plants. To create nuclear weapons, 90% enrichment or more is required.

    In 2018, the US pulled out of the nuclear deal and reimposed the sanctions. US President also instructed an airstrike in January 2020 that killed Iran’s top general Qassem Soleimani. In retaliation, Tehran ended its commitment to limit its uranium enrichment.

    Following the IAEA report, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud urged the world to take “a decisive stance” against Iran’s “ambitions” to develop nuclear weapons.

    “The kingdom affirms the seriousness of the Iranian regime’s regional project […] and calls on the international community to take a firm stance towards Iran,” he said in a speech.

    Currently, the US has moved to impose new sanctions on Iran. Elliott Abrams, the US State Department’s Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela, declined to specify which Iranian entities would be targeted or when penalties were likely in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

    He rejected the possibility of military action against Iran and said that Trump’s “maximum pressure” economic policy has created “an enormous amount of leverage” for the next President. “There will be a negotiation no matter who’s president of the United States in 2021,” Abrams said.

    President-Elect Joe Biden had earlier said that he would make an unshakeable commitment to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon in an opinion piece he wrote for the CNN in September. He added that under his presidency, the US will rejoin the JCPOA “as a starting point for follow-on negotiations”.

    Analysts believe that Biden may enter the nuclear deal again but it may be possible only after renegotiating the terms. Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had clarified that “under no circumstances” would Tehran renegotiate the terms of the deal. “If we wanted to do that [renegotiate], we would have done it with President Trump four years ago,” Zarif told CBS News.

    It is yet to see if Biden’s plans will be successful or not. He may be able to avoid a confrontation with Tehran in the short run but the increasing tensions in the Middle East may lead to the US to interfere in order to restrain Iran’s ambitions.
    Mohsen BC Repoter

  6. Trump tells DC cops to ‘do your job’ and deal with ‘Antifa scum’ at the Million MAGA March attended by few thousand as man is stabbed and 20 are arrested in brawls between his supporters and counter-protesters

    President Trump blasted counter protesters who descended on the Million MAGA March as ‘Antifa scum’ in a tweet on Saturday night
    He encouraged cops ‘don’t hold back’ after violent scenes erupted five blocks from the White House at 8pm
    Proud Boys and Trump supporters brawled with left-wing groups for several minutes before cops arrived
    One man in his 20s was left with serious injuries after being stabbed in the back in an altercation
    Two police officers were also injured as they tried to subdue the groups
    Fireworks and bottles were thrown at some Trump fans dining outside as tensions mounted
    Thousands had gathered in Freedom Plaza in Washington DC on Saturday for a pro-Trump ‘Million MAGA March’ in support of the president’s unsubstantiated claims of widespread election fraud
    Taking part were far-right groups such as the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers militia group
    Left-wing groups and self-proclaimed anarchists also showed up to confront Trump’s supporters
    Skirmishes of pushing and shoving broke out before police formed lines to separate the groups
    At least twenty arrests were made as of 10pm Saturday
    As we have reported yesterday , there was some clashes but
    not a significant so is good, We must study Pinoche ,Chili and
    other nations as well, a divided nation get weaken and Russia and China and other rogue nations can hit us. Untill DEC 8
    no one knows who has won indeed. Untill then relax how ever no matter who won in this election there will be civil unrest?
    which is not good for North America!
    Mohsen BC Reporter

  7. WOLRD WAR 3 :PR DONALD TRUMP is getting closer to war with Iran as well. Tension with stupid ayatollahs are in highest with new sanctions put against the most cancerous regime in the world. Also World War 3 is India and China !
    Fearing A Winter War, India Keen For A Quick Disengagement With China From Ladakh – Beijing Experts

    India vs China: Experts say the Indian military had left no stone unturned in prepping for a potential winter war in the testing conditions of the rough mountainous terrain of Ladakh, where temperatures dip well below minus 35 degrees Celsius.

    Published 6 hours ago

    on November 13, 2020

    By Mansij Asthana


    At a time when the current ongoing stand-off at the Line of Actual Control border in Eastern Ladakh between the militaries of Asian neighbors India and China enter its seventh-month, Beijing has fired another shot by stating that New Delhi’s military is eager for disengagement out of fear of a winter war with the Chinese.
    Divided and conquor thier game is alway to put people against each others , it happened in Beirut civil war 4 fractions, it happened when stupid ayatollah Khomanie came to power he was not even born in Persia. We must find middle ground and save this great land USA and God always bless USA.
    I do thank FMS for always great videos source.

  8. US Navy Awards Big Contract To Europe’s Biggest Defense Contractor – BAE Systems
    ublished 1 min ago

    on November 12, 2020

    By EurAsian Times Desk


    The largest defense contractor in Europe, BAE Systems, has been awarded a $94 million contract to supply advanced technology to the US Navy assisting in the development of various unmanned aerial systems.

    The company is involved in various high profile and ambitious airborne systems projects such as the ‘Loyal Wingman’ for the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) and the British ‘MAGMA’ drone.

    “Building on 40 years of support to the U.S. Navy, this award from the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division’s (NAWCAD) Webster Outlying Field (WOLF) enables the company to provide engineering, test, and evaluation support for sensors as well as communication, control, and weapons systems for various manned and unmanned airborne platforms,” the company informed in a press release.

    While not many details were revealed about the contract, it was mentioned that the duration would be 5 years with an estimated cost of $94 million.

    “We are bringing new advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and autonomy to the Airborne Systems Integration Division,” said Mark Keeler, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems.’

    “Our state-of-the-art digital engineering capabilities and extensive experience in integrating airborne systems are further strengthening the warfighter’s ability to meet mission requirements and ensuring combat readiness in the field.”
    Last week, the US Army also gave multiple contracts to the company for the development of the Future Vertical Lift Initiative project, by developing technologies for the Advanced Teaming Demonstration Project.

    According to AP, the contract will include support for aerial platforms similar to the PHASA-35 High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) vehicle, an ambitious BAE Systems project to keep a solar electric-driven unmanned surveillance vehicle in the air for up to a year at a time, reported Sputnik.

    “The award recognizes BAE Systems’ investments in the development of model-based systems engineering capabilities. The company’s ADAMS™ architecture provides a digital environment for systems engineering across multidisciplinary, multi-organization teams and stakeholders. On this contract, the company will use its innovative tools and methods such as digital engineering to create the digital thread that provides full design traceability to requirements, improved collaboration, and a digital repository for the Airborne Systems Integration Division,” the company boasted.
    Great story arming all nations before world War 3?
    Another news is this we are getting closer to Irania world war 3 because if Donald Trump not elected , He is going nuke Iran, which many people Iran they do say thank you PR TRUMP.
    NOV suprise still is may come ? Attack on Iran

  9. Internet Shut Down Globally , You Tube kill switch was tested for all mankind. How do you felt last 3-4 hours without You Tube ? As i said it Black Helicopters are routingly eising with full arms now. We told you Martial Law is coming , May be after this SATURDAY ? We anadian Border is closed with USA till next year.We can not come to our old USA again. Still i sak praying for our beloved country to stay safe and secure. All the world is looking at us?

  10. Civil War or Coup: What Will Happen If Donald Trump Refuses To Leave The White House?
    Sporting his trademark hat, which says “Make America Great Again”, United States President Donald Trump was seen playing golf at his golf course in northern Virginia, just a few miles from the White House when he was notified that he had lost to Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the Presidential Race.

    SNEAK PEEK: Did China Accidentally Reveal Its New Anti Radiation Missile On Board J-11BS Flanker?

    Following the developments, as his motorcade drove through a swarm of supporters from his campaign as well as Biden’s, Trump and his campaign team remained adamant that they will not accept defeat without a nasty fight, with a statement being issued from President which said,

    “The election is not over yet. We all know that Joe Biden is in a hurry to misrepresent himself as the winner, why are his media colleagues helping him?” They don’t want the truth to come out.”

    As things stand, in two months’ time President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn as the US’ 46th President after winning more than 270 Electoral College votes, which gives him the right to replace Trump whether he likes it or not.

    donald trump,trump,president,america,politics,usa,election,government,states,presidential,vote,republican,donald,campaign,candidate,politician,leader,magnate,political,us,united,melania,hair,congress,flag,patriotism,national,country,democracy,nation,patriot,washington

    However, with Trump alleging that the election process was fraudulent and was manipulated to oust him out of the White House, the question arises regarding what will be Biden’s course of action if Trump refuses to leave the White House.

    So far, in America’s 244-year history, no President has ever refused to leave the White House after a loss in the elections, with the shift in power carried out through legal and peaceful means, which has been the hallmark of American democracy.

    Despite Trump’s claims of the elections being rigged and against him, in the court of law, he has been unable to present any evidence to suggest the same.

    However, with Trump now threatening legal action, it seems the Biden camp has been in close touch with its lawyers.

    The fact of the matter is that legal action will only create a situation of chaos and delay the process of appointment, and it certainly does not mean that Trump can hold back in Biden becoming the President.

    Most importantly, Biden’s camp recently pointed out the outcome of Trump’s attempts to not vacate the official residence and office of the United States President.
    This Saturday a lot of Trump supporters with a lo of them guns will protests at 12pm Eastern Time. God help all of us .. ?
    Disclaimer always apply
    Source Euroasiantimes

  11. The 6 Stages Of The New World Order – To Start The Civil War In The United States
    Dated four-plus years ago…. The Kenyan King is gone, but we are closer today that at any time in our life. Antifa, BLM, Impeachment, Gun-grab legislation, MURDER by abortion and the kidnapping of children by the likes of Epstein and many others. War is just around the corner – every cozy little corner! ~ Ed.
    Stage 1
    Will be to create “Civil Unrest” in major U.S. cities such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, etc.; This will be preceded by a month of subliminal programming via TV and other media to condition the people for civil war in the United States. Press releases released by Time-Warner [a ROCKEFELLER corporation] and 5 other corporate owned media moguls will further inflame the citizens of the United States and further the causes of civil unrest.

    Stage 2
    Should be ready to take effect this summer. Special agents of the conspiracy, masquerading as police, may open fire on American people standing to defend the constitution and their Constitutional Rights. Other agents will set off incendiary bombs as they did recently in the Occupy Movement.
    Disclaimer always apply
    Mohsen BC
    We thanks a lot Strange sounds for let us all speak freely and is better here than outside. Minosseta is on new lock down order peole are buying food and paper wipers like bread and water ?

  12. What you witnessing is silence before a big giant super size storm. World War 3 is coming to shake down all foundations of every land and species of humans to accept each otehrs.
    Either War will kill all humanity 90 percent or we all kill the wars.
    Karabakh war is over; Armenia agrees to withdraw forces from occupied lands
    Angry protesters demonstrate in front of the Armenian government building before storming it in protest at what they consider to be “concession of defeat” in the Karabakh conflict with Baku. (Photo by

    Yerevan has signed a Russia-brokered deal to end its conflict with Baku over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, committing itself to withdrawal of all its forces from the occupied territories in a move that has outraged Armenians who consider it as “concession of defeat”.

    Shortly after the release of a statement by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan late Monday, in which he announced he has signed the ceasefire deal, a huge number of angry protesters demonstrated in Yerevan and even stormed the Armenian government building.
    What we are witnessing is twilight zone?
    Chineese also had a Taiwan invasion forces training that tanks sunk to the bottom of China sea?

  13. Russia has already said that if the democrats got back in power the war was almost a sure bet. That’s why Putin is waiting to find out if Trump actually won.

  14. If President Trump is not successful in prosecuting traitors that would steal the election, then the probability of WWIII with dementia-joe at the helm, is much higher.

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