The Vancouver Great Awakening (video)

Vancouver convoy and freedom rally, Vancouver convoy and freedom rally on Nov 21-22, Vancouver convoy and freedom rally on Nov 21-22 video
Vancouver convoy and freedom rally on Nov 21-22

This Vancouver convoy and freedom rally took place on Nov 21-22, 2020.

I love it:


However, it is a negligible number of people in Canada who are clear-minded. Majority is still a brainwashed sheeple. Especially in big cities.

Local mass media is just vilifies those who can think and paint them as terrorists. Yes and the Canadian police can now unlock your iPhone and download all of your data, whenever they want:

The Great Awakening is not going to be localized. It comes to each, in their own time, and seems to me to be personal.

Now! Enough sitting at home complaining about the government overreaches and unfounded, unscientific removal of basic liberties.

It’s time to get out and make a difference. More freedom news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Because of so many peanut eyes from China here all of them served in Chineese communist party military is compolsary.
    So China plant them in Vancouver BC so when red dawn 3 is starts , all things are placed in order. There is no more Canadain here left . We fear of them as well gangs of chineese control the BC. Islamic facism elements are here too and control as well.
    We have PLO and Hamas as well in BC and Canada all country as well are threat to our democracy in north America. Pick pocketers are trained in BC , i was a victim few days back .
    Mohsen BC Int Journalist

  2. He’s right about city sheeple villifying truth speakers.

    Unfortunately, one of my non-blood relatives is a lefty canadian. Biggest pain in the ass. Makes a left coast liberal seem normal. She watches The View, and gets her political news from those types of people.

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