What are the 20 jobs most at risk next year?

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Jobs most at risks during corona epidemic. Picture: Jobberman

A new study features the 20 jobs that were most hardly hit by the plandemic.

The have been classified as:

  1. jobs that won’t return until the coronavirus is under control
  2. jobs that may take years to get back to pre-pandemic levels
  3. jobs that may never return.

Jobs that won’t return until the coronavirus is under control

They include anything in the personal services, including beauty consultants and stylists, audiologists, optometrists, and physical therapists as well as event coordinators.

Jobs that may take years to get back to pre-pandemic levels

They include those in the foodservice and education industries.

Jobs that may never return

They include receptionist, HR generalist and other office administrative roles due to smart technology.

Below you will find a table summarizing the 20 jobs most at risk next year. So if you are studying in one of these sectors, you may want to readjust.

Job TitleOctober 2020 Open JobsPercent Decline During Corona
Event Coordinator1,723-69%
Product Demonstrator2,567-63%
Executive Assistant2,308-55%
Beauty Consultant6,065-53%
Brand Ambassador5,925-41%
Pet Groomer3,854-41%
Physical Therapist17,372-40%
HR Generalist3,314-37%
Accounts Payable Specialist3,417-37%
Sales Manager16,525-34%
Account Executive14,337-27%
data via Yahoo.com

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  2. If the middle-class is destroyed, then you get converts to marxism faster. People vote for free stuff out of need, and abandon their principles.
    Kung-flu bioweapon baloney was an attack on America. The subversives in power, media, and UN want to destroy middle-class America.

    They wish to hide the truth, and use the media buttpuppets to spread fear and false stats in regards to death rates, infection rates, and mortality. UN, WHO, CDC—ALL LIARS!

    • https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
      perhaps a look at the maps, you will see that it wasn’t just an attack on the U.S but also it’s allies…. They didn’t want Australia to be affected due to the closeness of Antarctica. The next world war will be over that land, which is why they are pushing for increasing CO2 emissions and global temperatures to get the runaway affect at full speed (since we entered it in the 1980’s). Research about Antarctica and you will see the reasoning, most wealthy and largest land mass on Earth.

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