Solar flare hurls plasma bomb causing shortwave radio blackout in eastern Australia and all of New Zealand


The young Solar Cycle 25 starts pretty explosively!

After sunspot 2781, beginning of the month, Sunspot AR2785 exploded on November 23, at 23:35 UTC, producing a C4-class solar flare.

The solar blast hurled a 250,000 km long plume of plasma across the sun as shown in the GIF below.

Sunspot AR2785 erupted during the late hours of Nov. 23rd (2335 UT), producing a C4-class solar flare.
Sunspot AR2785 erupted during the late hours of Nov. 23rd (2335 UT), producing a C4-class solar flare.

UV radiation from the flare hit Earth, causing a shortwave radio blackout (frequencies mainly below 10 MHz) over the South Pacific, including eastern Australia and all of New Zealand.

Solar storm creates shortwave radio blackout over the South Pacific, including eastern Australia and all of New Zealand
Solar storm creates shortwave radio blackout over the South Pacific, including eastern Australia and all of New Zealand.

Meanwhile, three of the biggest sunspots of young Solar Cycle 25 (AR2783, AR2785, AR2786) are either facing Earth or turning in our direction. They could become a source of geoeffective flares in the next few days.

tree large sunspots facing earth november 24 2020
Sunspot group AR2786 and the new big one AR2787. Picture by Shahrin Ahmad on November 24, 2020 @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

All these sunspots pose a threat for C-class flares, with a slight chance of even stronger M-flares. So be readyfor more blackouts! More extreme solar explosions on Space Weather, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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