Hundreds of drunk birds kill themselves flying into apartment block in Inner Mongolia, China

Hundreds of birds smash in windows mysteriously in Mongolia, China
Hundreds of birds smash in windows mysteriously in Mongolia, China. Scientists cannot explain this strange animal behavior.

Are these birds drunk? Have they been poisoned? Are people playing with weird and dangerous EMF technologies around?

Hundreds birds are indeed smashing straight into transparent glass windows before plummeting to their deaths onto concrete at the base of a brick residential building in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia.

And that everyday in the same windows since a few days or so. The birds are then lying on the ground, dying or simply dead.

Scientists now try to understand the strange behavior of these birds, but are left baffled. According to first analyses, it’s no disease. You remember these strange zombie pigeons in Moscow?

Could it be a panic behavior? Are they trying to escape something? Is it the glare from the glass windows itself?

Are the birds simply flying too fast to be fully aware of potential dangers such as glass windows? The glass reflects the sky and nearby woods, which could easily confuse the skittish birds.

In order to decrease the number of dead birds, residents of the building have started closing their curtains. But birds still die in number!

Similarly these birds behaved completely weird and smashed into the Nascar building in the US in 2019.

Is the mass death related to what they are eating? These little birds eat fruits from trees in the area. Are they poisonous? Or did somebody poison them?

Is the militar testing a new kind of weapon in the are? Or are they installing new EMF masts for faster wifi connection?

In any cases, these Chinese birds act confused and fly into windows as if they were drunk.

Whatch the video in the link below:

More mass die-off news on, The Sun, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. I have seen this many times. After the first hard frost the berries left on the bushes sugars turn to alcohol. Drunk birds. Happens every winter.

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