Vicious blizzard buries Norilsk under mountains of snow (videos)

blizzard norilsk russia, apocalyptic blizzard norilsk meters of snow
Norilsk buried in mountains of snow. Picture Instagram

A snow apocalypse is currently burying homes, cars and animals under mountains of snow in Russia’s northernmost city, Norilsk.

blizzard norilsk russia, apocalyptic blizzard norilsk meters of snow
6 thousand cubic meters of snow removed from city streets in two days. Picture Instagram

The teriffying blizzard, with gusts of strong wind reaching up to 27 meters per second, is hitting the region for almost a week now.

blizzard norilsk russia, apocalyptic blizzard norilsk meters of snow
The extreme blizzard lasts for about a week now. Picture Instagram

Local media report that more than 6 thousand cubic meters of snow were removed last week and 400 thousand tons of snow in the last two months from the streets in the Siberian city.

blizzard norilsk russia, apocalyptic blizzard norilsk meters of snow
Within a week several meters of snow have accumulated, burying cars, homes and businesses. Picture Instagram

Here some amazing pictures and videos of the biblical storm attacking Siberia right now.

This snow storm is insane. Do you really think Earth is warming after watching this? More extreme weather phenomena on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  2. That’s a job for the flame thrower. That’s bad. We had bad weeks up in MN. Our area lost power for eight days. The crews couldn’t get in to our area it was so bad. I sat around reading books in candle light.

    People use engine block heaters, and start warming up the car an hour or more before work, and ice on windshield has to be scraped off too.

    Then you have to shovel forever, and it’s a pain in the buttocks. Lots of people die when they drive into a snow drift too, since they get burried and nobody can see them. Most smart people keep an emergency road kit in their vehicles. Water, blankets, candles, flashlights, flares, foods. You have to be very mindful.

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