Apocalyptic Bond Fire explodes overnight in Orange County, southern California (pictures and videos)

bond fire, bond fire icture, bond fire video, bond fire december 2020
Bond fire explodes in size in Orange County, southern California.

The fire season in California and across the West is starting earlier and ending later each year.

Normally, the wildfire season ends after the first significant rainstorm of autumn, around October in Northern California and around early November in Southern California.

bond fire, bond fire icture, bond fire video, bond fire december 2020
A huge flame at bond Fire. Picture via Twitter

Similar to the hurricane season 2020 which has broken many records, the fire season 2020 in California is unusually long, lasting at least a month longer than models suggest.

There is indeed a huge wildfire, The Bond fire, that has exploded in high winds across more than 6,400 acres overnight in Orange County’s canyon country.

About 25,000 residents across Silverado Canyon, Modjeska Canyon, Williams Canyon, Black Star and Baker canyons and portions of Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch live in a mandatory evacuation order.

bond fire, Bond fire evacuation orders in Orange County California, Bond fire evacuation orders in Orange County California video, Bond fire evacuation orders in Orange County California map, Bond fire evacuation orders in Orange County California evacuations
Bond fire evacuation orders in Orange County California. Map: ESRI

Meanwhile, two firefighters were injured battling the blaze and multiple structures may have been damaged by the blaze.

Decreasing winds help slow the blaze and containment has risen to 10%.

However, air quality is bad in Orange, Irvine, Tustin and other areas near the blaze.

bond fire, bond fire icture, bond fire video, bond fire december 2020
Artistic photography of Bond fire in southern California. Picture via Twitter

The new Bond fire comes as the National Weather Service issued red flag warnings due to strong winds and low humidity levels.

In response to these weather conditions, Southern California Edison initiated a public safety power shut-off late Wednesday (1,600 customers in Orange County, 7,800 in Los Angeles County and nearly 22,000 in Riverside County). Nearly 250,000 additional customers are under consideration.

Back in October, the Silverado Fire devastated almost the same area and also forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate.

More california fire news on LA Times, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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