Wall Street has begun trading water as a commodity, like gold or oil

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Wall Street just started trading water as a commodity like gold and oil.

That’s terrifying news! Water begins trading on Wall Street in the Futures Market for fear of shortages!

What is water trading?

The market allows farmers, hedge funds, and municipalities to hedge bets on the future price of water and water availability in the American West. The new trading scheme was announced in September, prompted by the region’s worsening heat, drought, and wildfires.

Water trading pros and cons

Proponents argue the new market will clear up some of the uncertainty around water prices for farmers and municipalities, helping them budget for the resource.

But some experts say treating water as a tradable commodity puts a basic human right into the hands of financial institutions and investors.

Wall Street’s water trading

The country’s first water market launched on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange this week with $1.1 billion in contracts tied to water prices in California.

There were two trades when the market went live Monday.

Droughts, population growth, and pollution are likely to make water scarcity issues and pricing a hot topic for years to come. We are definitely going to watch how this new water futures contract develops,” RBC Capital Markets managing director and analyst Deane Dray told Bloomberg.

What this represents is a cynical attempt at setting up what’s almost like a betting casino so some people can make money from others suffering. My first reaction when I saw this was horror, but we’ve also seen this coming for quite some time,” said Basav Sen, climate justice project director at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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  2. One of our past governors here in Alaska, Wally Hickel, proposed that Ak. build a pipeline that would transport water to the lower 48. Not so crazy after all.

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    ALL of these rumors are as yet UNCONFIRMED, but the shear volume of this material is such, that there may be truth, at least to word of the death.

    Iranian journalist Momahad Ahwaze has claimed on Twitter yesterday that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had transferred his powers to his son as concerns about his failing health have mounted and the country faces increased tensions with Israel and U.S.

    Writing in Arabic, Ahwaze said Khamenei had handed power over to his son, Mojtaba Khamenei.

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    Ahwaze went on to say that the cause of the supreme leader’s ill health was not known, assertions about the senior Khamenei which we have not been able to independently confirm, but suggested it could be due to prostate cancer. Ahwaze claimed Khamenei deteriorated overnight.

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    Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
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    A senior military official told a small group of reporters before Thursday’s flyover that US intelligence analysts had detected a “planned going on,” which may have included preparations for possible rocket strikes or worse – by Iran and the Shia militias in Iraq that it supports.

    Another senior military official who spoke on condition of anonymity said there was no evidence of a larger, imminent attack against US military personnel despite mounting tensions in the region.

    Over the past year, Iranian-aligned proxies in Iraq have conducted more than 50 rocket attacks on bases where United States troops are housed, as well as on the American Embassy in Baghdad, and launched 90 attacks on convoys carrying supplies to American troops, according to the Pentagon. -NYT

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  6. Wait till these dirtbags start taxing the air you breathe. Bunch of insufferable grifters.
    This scenario about water was predicted a while back. I remember an article about water and scarcity. Went hand-in-hand with the BS global warming scam, and that bloated turdface bloodsucker, Gore.

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  8. Unconfirmed Reports: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Is Dead
    Unconfirmed reports from Iran say the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, returned his soul to his maker. According to the same reports, an official announcement will be made only after the transfer of powers to his son, Mojtaba Khamenei, are completed (Health Deteriorating, Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei Transfers Power to Son).

    Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei, 81, was the supreme leader of Iran since 1989. He previously served as the president of Iran from 1981 to 1989. Khamenei is the longest serving head of state in the Middle East, as well as the second-longest serving Iranian leader of the last century, after Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

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  9. They can always set up some desalinization plants along the left coast. Malibu seems like the ideal place to start?

  10. They had to do something to replace the oil market. Saudi Arabia has them over a barrel (pun intended). Electric cars are doing them in as well. So why not move to water, which everyone needs. It’s a big scam just like the Covid-19 scam. Shameless buzzards.

  11. This isn’t good news. Glad I have a deep well. Still water truck costs about 70$ per 1100 gallons delivered. If you load up irrigation towers it can be spendy already.

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