Nancy Pelosi and her Trump Impeachment outfit


Nancy Pelosi wore the same dress for both impeachments.

She literally has a Trump Impeachment outfit

Nancy Pelosi Trump impeachment outfit, Nancy Pelosi and her Trump impeachment outfit
Nancy Pelosi and her Trump impeachment outfit

I remember that my prior HR lady was known to wear black when she was going to fire someone. When she pulled up to a company’s location in an all black outfit, someone had to go for sure.

Hopefully this new impeachment will not lead to total chaos! More political news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Its all an act. They are all on the same team, same script. Other people are directing this comedy.

    I predict Chubby will somehow remain president, but he might experience Kenn. fate, then war erupts.

    Hope not about the war part but ..

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