Where is the cold air? It’s locked over Siberia with temperatures hitting -61°F during the longest cold spell in fourteen years!

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Very low temperature in Yakutsk, Russia of -61°F on January 19, 2021. Picture via Facebook

Several people have asked where the cold air is and is it ever coming.

It’s locked in over the Siberian region of Yakutia and has been all winter.

This is the longest cold spell in fourteen years in the region.

Yesterday’s temp in Yakutsk, Russia (7am CST – 10pm there) was -61°F (-51.7°C). And there is no respite on the horizon.

Temperatures dipped below 40℃ (-40°F) over a month ago, an abnormally long period even for this northern region.

siberia cold temperature record, siberia cold wave
Yakutsk in Russia’s eastern Siberia is said to be the coldest large city on earth.

The mercury has now plunged to -50℃ (-58°F) and below and school children have been released from classes until it warms up again.

According to forecasts, the cold temperatures are expected to last until the end of January and may even drop as low as -60℃.

Again, yesterday, january 19, 2021, the temperatures dropped in Yakutsk, Russia (7am CST – 10pm there) dropped to -61°F (-51.7°C).

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  1. -42° is the worst weather I was ever in. Broke part of my beard off.

    That woman on the left in picture will need to thaw out her eyelashes. Same for the one on the right.

    • You can wear layers of clothes. If wind is blowing, then you will feel it through the layers of clothing. Nose hairs crystalize too.

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