These unprecedented snow storms are signs the next little ice age has just started!

The Little Ice Age is starting now
The Little Ice Age is starting now!

Signs are all around us. Temperatures on planet Earth are currently diving big time, resulting in unprecedented snow storms around the world.

The temperature of the Global Lower Atmosphere has plunged by almost half a degree Celsius from February 2020 high of 0.76°C to just 0.27°C above baseline in December 2020.

The time to prepare is now!

Temperature of the global lower atmosphere has decreased dramatically within December 2020, little ice age start
Temperature of the global lower atmosphere has decreased dramatically within December 2020.

Here some more examples were are plunging in the next mini ice age:

18 inches of snow in Texas desert

On New Year’s Day, Big Bend National Park — usually concerned with heat stroke or bears — warned visitors:

Roads in Big Bend National Park are currently impassable,” officials wrote on Facebook. We received between 12-18 inches of snow last night and it’s still snowing. Please do not attempt to enter the park.

Snowfall total maps confirm 12 to 18 inches of snow were dumped on the West Texas park. – San Antonio Express News

Italy Alps buried in 6 feet of snow

About two meters (over 6 feet) of snow fell early Monday in parts of northern Italy’s alpine region, blocking roads and burying cars and houses in some areas.

Forecasters say more snow is expected in the area region in the coming days.VOA News

Soon we going to dig horses out of the snow like during this Icelandic storm in 2019:

1 meter of snow in 24 hours in Austria

Heavy snowfall in Asturias, Spain

Several people were trapped and two were killed after severe snowfall in Leon, in the Spanish region of Asturias.

An avalanche killed two workers that came in to deblock a road.

Four other adults and one child were rescued from two vehicles buried under the snow.

Meanwhile, much of Spain is experiencing sub-zero temperatures this week and some of the “heaviest snowfall in recent years”, with even Madrid and Barcelona expected to be turned into winter wonderlands.

Yes, much of the country is set to experience some unusually cold weather even for this time of year with ‘Storm Filomena’, bringing frigid temperatures dropping to -10°C in northern and central Spain and heavy snow fall at abnormally low altitudes (down to 200 meters).

Temperatures on planet Earth have plummeted in line with the great conjunction, the ongoing magnetic reversal/excursion, and the ever-intensifying Grand Solar Minimum. Yes, it really looks like we are currently entering a new Little Ice Age.

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  1. Snow storms in winter ? That is definitely the usual time to have them and if you were to have the polar vortex disable and drop down south you get extreme weather for a month and it bounces back. Weather is noisy . 2020 is on par for the tie with 2016 for the warmest year on record . Are you snowflakes scared of snowflakes . Since you can’t come up to Canada you can have some of ours ,
    You’re welcome

  2. Sport but I think you guys at strange sounds maybe wrong on the size of ice age we are experiencing, didn’t Dr Valentina zharkova just publish a study summarizing that if only two of the sun’s magnetic limbs go outta phase you get a little ice age, but the FACT that all four magnetic limbs are outta phase says we are in for an ice age to the likes of 10,000bc, which coincidentally runs on a twelve thousand year cycle, which means by rights the next big ice age has already started, it’s called the eddy super grand solar minimum! It explains all the shitty governmental distractions that are currently running amok through society!!! Please research and update!!!

  3. It is possible than human made causes are contributing to warming, while the solar ones are contributing to cooling. Time will tell but my sense is that the solar factors will be the stronger influence

  4. Its getting cold at night. I moved my icebox outside. Remodeling kitchen. Doesn’t use much power on outside covered porch.

    Take a lemon. Make lemonade.

  5. Around 1970, Time magazine reported of the coming ice age. It was on the cover. I remember. My friend and I were discussing it while popping wheelies.
    Before the internet, we had regular magazines. Time and Life magazines were where you found interesting articles. Popular Mechanics, Hot Rod, and National Geographic were also popular sources of information. Sports Illustrated and MAD magazine were also among the favorites.
    Estes Rocket was a treasured catalogue to buy model rockets. Then you built the rocket, and went to the park to launch them.

    My first advanced rocket was a two-stage, with parachute. Took me a few days, but my Apogee II kicked ass. Went off perfect, but wind blew it away on the return with parachute. If found, it could have been reused.

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