After extremely rare snowfall hits Malibu, California, two extreme storm systems are set to pelt nearly half the nation with snow and rain into next week

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Rare snow falls in Malibu, Southern California on January 23, 2021. Picture via Twitter

A sprinkling of snow dusted Malibu highways in California on Saturday, while low clouds brought snowfall to the Grand Canyon on Sunday.

Now, two extreme storm systems are set to pelt nearly half the nation with snow and rain throughout the week and into next week, That could lead to a wintry mess for much of the US.

Here a great video summary of both storms:

California storm brings rare snow in Malibu, Southern California

One storm, coming through Northern California on Sunday evening and moving southward, is forecast to bring at least a foot of snow to the Sierra Nevada mountains and rainfall to other parts of the state.

The front will then move through Southern California, dumping at least a foot more of snow at higher elevations. The snowfall is also forecast to cover parts of Arizona and Colorado. 

Snow had already started to accumulate in California’s mountain ranges Saturday and Sunday, even bringing a dusting to beachy Malibu and hail to Long Beach.

A Friday winter storm brought about 3 inches of snow near Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. Drivers were advised to bring chains.

Traffic is already building. Be prepared for long wait times if heading to the mountains. Bring a full tank of gas and don’t forget your chains,” the Mt. Baldy Fire Department in Southern California tweeted.

Dozens of tweets documented the snow in Southern California, where parts of the region saw temperatures soar to the 90s a week ago. On Sunday, the region saw highs in the 50s.

More than 95% of California has been experiencing drought conditions and the remainder is abnormally dry, the U.S. Drought Monitor reported in its weekly update Thursday.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, snow covered ridges of the Grand Canyon, with the National Park Service forecasting that a larger storm Monday would “reduce visibility.”

Major Winter Storm Nathaniel

Heavy snow in Central Plains and Midwest

Heavy snow will also fall in Kansas on Monday morning, pushing through the Plains states and northeastward through Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois through Tuesday.

That storm, developing in the Rocky Mountains, will later move into parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island and produce snow.

Snowfall is forecast to exceed four inches from central Kansas through southern Michigan, possibly exceeding 12 inches across northern Kansas, northwest Missouri, southeast Nebraska, and southern Iowa, the NWS said.

Heavy rains in the Southeast

In the Southeast, an upcoming storm will be a “quick hitter,” Accuweather warned. The storm should unleash just enough rain and snow to disrupt travel and daily routines.

“A storm is expected to rapidly intensify as it heads off the Carolina coast Wednesday night into Thursday morning,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Carl Erickson said.

Cold air will allow precipitation to fall as snow across portions of the middle Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee valleys on Wednesday and then into the central and southern Appalachians by Wednesday night. Parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee will see light snow first. About 1-3 inches of snow with locally higher amounts could fall across parts of West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.

The southern part of the storm will bring soaking rain from the Gulf Coast to the Carolinas. However, as colder air rushes into the strengthening storm, precipitation could become wintry in some places.

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  1. Expecting a foot of snow up here near GC. Yep, it’s a real front this time.
    Malibu and snow is rare. All the global warming lefties live there, so this is funny to me.
    Anyways, my geese and ducks have been doubling up on their feed, so I knew it would be a good storm. They always do that Jan/Feb. They have faster metabolism in cold. They eat alot more. Communist-Bird-flu killed some birds. The feed bill isn’t 250lbs a week now. So, that is less spendy. Dogs were hungrier. They get oatmeal, rice, eggs, and peas mainly.

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