Violent and dangerous tornado blasts Fultondale, Alabama, leaving at least 1 dead and several injured

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Dangerous and deadly tornado hits Fultondale, Alabama. Picture via Twitter

A large and dangerous tornado touched down near Fultondale, Alabama, a northern suburb of Birmingham, just before midnight on Jan. 25, leaving behind a slew of damage with reports of injuries and at least one dead.

The twister was reported in the town of in Fultondale around 10:30 p.m. Monday and unleashed extensive damage throughout Jefferson County.

The Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency urged residents to seek shelter immediately shortly after the tornado was confirmed on the ground near Fultondale.

As of 6:30 a.m. local time, one death from the twister has been confirmed by Fultondale Fire Chief Justin McKenzie. The death was of a young man, believed to be a teenager, who was trapped in his basement with his family after a tree fell on their home. Other members of the victim’s family suffered severe injuries.

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Deadly tornado hits Fultondale, Alabama on January 25 2021

Multiple other reports of injuries and people trapped emerged throughout the night, with dozens of people suffering injuries. According to CNN, about 30 people are injured as of Tuesday morning, including 17 individuals who were rushed to emergency rooms, McKenzie said.

Around 10:45 p.m. CST Monday, a thunderstorm produced a tornado that knocked over street signs and utility poles and damaged buildings in Fultondale, Alabama.

The National Weather Service office in Birmingham issued a tornado warning for the thunderstorm, saying a “confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado” was on the ground and heading toward Fultondale.

On radar, a debris signature was seen, confirming damage that was taking place. A debris signature occurs when items such as trees, parts of buildings and other objects are thrown high into the atmosphere by the tornado. This is a clear sign to meteorologists that a tornado is causing damage.

Shortly after passing through Fultondale, the storm weakened and the debris signature was no longer seen.

Luckily for cleanup efforts, mild and dry weather is expected for Tuesday and Wednesday. That said, additional storms containing heavy rain and gusty winds late Monday night affected cleanup efforts after the tornadic storm tore though Fultondale. Once the dry weather arrives, it is forecast to continue through at least Friday.

The Jefferson County EMA advised people to stay out of the area: “PLEASE stay out of the Fultondale area. This includes but isn’t limited to Carson Road, Black Creek Road, Pine Hill Road and New Castle Road. On top of the road dangers such as power lines and debris…traffic is clogging the roads. Once again, PLEASE stay out of the area.

Schools are now closed!

However, colder air will move in by Wednesday night and temperatures are expected to fall below freezing on both Wednesday night and Thursday night.

Therefore, anyone without power who is unable to heat their home may want to find a place to stay on those nights. More extreme tornadic events on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Been in two tornado events. Scares the bejesus out of me. Bricks flying off chimneys, trees uprooted, buildings demolished. Not fun, and more scary than you can imagine. When the tornado sirens go off, head for an underground parking lot or basement.

      • You’ve been through some too?

        I had a big waterspout pop up off Newport headed to Catalina for fishing trip. About 300 yards away. Then it split into two smaller ones, and dissipated. Then some smallish ones popped up afterwards. The first one would have destroyed us, if closer. You could see ocean water being sucked up the funnel. Not sure on the F size.

        St. Joe MN was destroyed by my first tornado event. It was around 1998. Afternoon sky was pitch black as night. Killed a bunch of people too.

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