Your daily dose of natural disasters and strange, awesome and mysterious phenomena – January 29, 2021


Are you ready? Here you go!

That’s the vertical magnetic field of edge-on spiral galaxy NGC 5775 spiraling across the empty space. Out-of-this-world, isn’t it?

Awesome! An Austrian man who fled the Nazis with his family during the second world war has bequeathed a large part of his fortune to the French village, Chambon-sur-Lignon, whose residents hid them from persecution for years.

This guy was driving on a highway in Slovenia, when suddenly… WOW! Did you see that?

And it seems that a meteorite has just crashed onto a home in Indonesia. The space rock is pretty big (2.2kg). Would love to have it in my collection!

Natural disasters

A massive section of Highway 1 has collapsed into the ocean near Mile Marker 30 near Big Creek Bridge after this week’s storm. The road has been closed indefinitely.

Right now, rangers are investigating mystery deaths of more than 700 pelicans at Djoudj bird sanctuary, a migratory pitstop for hundreds of bird species in Senegal. What about another case of bird flu?

A new whale species has been identified in the Gulf of Mexico. Bryde’s whales are found in warm waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. They are closely related to the blue whale and humpback whale. And it’s already critically endangered. Say hello, wave goodbye! (also great song by David Gray).

Some say it’s good for us, that this blood-like water is the cleansing we needed. When the rains from tropical storm Eloise hit the Northern Cape (South Afric), the waters of the Ga-Mogara River created a sea of red and orange.

Scientists have spotted three mysterious ozone-depleting chemicals in Earth’s atmosphere. Emissions of those puzzling compounds continue to rise, apparently from factories in East Asia. What’s this new mess?

Odd, strange and mysterious

Did you know that Alaska also had its own Bermuda Triangle?

Moreover, multiple people have reported seeing an odd string of lights at night near Charlotte, igniting talk of UFOs on social media.

What the hell was that?

Swiss scientists think they have debunked the mysterious 1959 death of nine hikers in the Ural Mountains in the former Soviet Union. Also known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident, the tragic event has spawned a number of theories, from murderous Yeti to secret military experiments.

Ancient history

A total of 25 ancient tombs with human skulls enfolded in vessels have been discovered in a township in southwest China’s Guizhou Province. Probably linked to religious beliefs. Meanwhile, archaeologists in Turkey have discovered a mysterious ancient kingdom lost in history.

The existence of the Denisovans was discovered just a decade ago through DNA alone. Now we’re starting to uncover fossils and artefacts revealing what these early humans were like.

And a bunch of other interesting stuff

Speaking of elites manipulating markets…Back in 2017 Soros made 73 Million off of the mass shooting you are not supposed to remember in Las vegas. But you will here.

Interactive Brokers Chairman admits to market manipulation on live T.V.

More than 700 persons fell sick with the mysterious disease in Eluru, Pulla, Denduluru and other villages in West Godavari district in the last one and a half month. This new disease just killed a man and could spread like a fire… Meanwhile, a mysterious skin infection is plaguing children in Port Moresby, PNG.

U.S. intelligence officials say Chinese government is collecting Americans’ DNA.

Now a last suggestion: The New Normal documentary film. Enjoy and catch you tomorrow!

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  1. Ufo pictures:

    Didn’t see those beforehand?

    One pic has multiple tiny orbs?

    Not sure if it is a real one. I can think of a way to fake that shot. A couple of ways. However, it does look badass. Maybe it is a real one, and I am being cautious.?

    • Spiral galaxy with magnetic field:

      Awesome picture!
      PCH Hwy 1:

      That’s the worst one I have seen. That highway gets rockslides and mudslides quite a bit. This road collapse is huge.

      I reloaded page multiple times yesterday, but my connection was hosed. Mornings it is better way out here.

  2. Bryde’s whales. New species! Wow. The whales and dolphins used to frequent Palos Verdes. Also, dolphins in Santa Monica bay. When the dolphins used to swim by, I’d reel in my line. Seals too. From the rocks, you cast about 70-100 yards. So, that’s where they would swim by. No sense in wasting the bait. Reel in wait 30 minutes, and try again.

    Used to have a nice rig, and a spike to put in the rocks. Holds your pole, while you read a book. Yes, back in those days reading a book a week was normal for people. People actually talked on the phone for hours back then too. Late 70s.
    We had sharks too. Caught a 7′ leopard shark. Thresher sharks too. I let them go. Cut ’em loose. The leopard shark was in by San Pedro. Thresher by Chautauqua area. Thisnold guy, Wiley had a bait shop near Topanga. What a character, and knew fishing really well.

  3. 700 pelicans. Shame —since those birds tell me where the fish are hiding. I rescued one that had a treble hook in his armpit, and line in his wing, around the carpus, 1988.

    That bird knew I was helping him. It’s weird how rescued animals know you are helping them. I have resuced baby deer that fell in our pool, I rescued a baby antelope on the highway. Many birds, including dove, owls, ravens, crows, finches, etc. Never had one bite me yet. They know. You can see in their eyes, and they don’t fight you. I usually use a towel, like the vet.

    It’s fun to heal them. If they are in shock, then it usually doesn’t work out. They are fragile. Had a goshwak, but he died two days into healing. He was a young bird. Too bad. Bad luck.

    He had flown into my no climb fence. He was there on the ground trying to put his head through the wire to make a getaway, so I snuck up, and grabbed him gently. The next day he wasn’t eating. Bad sign. Then he lost his balance, and fell down off his perch. Seems the injury manifested in edema. I planted a blackberry patch over his resting place.

    None of the videos would play. Buffering loop. My connection is 1 bar usually anyways. I will try back tomorrow. I wanted to see that Slovenia fireball/meteor.

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