Meteorite crashes on house in Indonesia (video)

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The Lampung meteorite fell from the sky on January 28, 2021.

A meteorite destroyed a roof before crashing in a village in Central Lampung, Indonesia on January 28, 2021 at 10:00 pm, local time.

According to witnesses, the crash was accompanied by a loud booming noise similar to that of a bomb explosion.

meteorite indonesia, meteorite indonesia video, meteorite indonesia pictures, meteorite indonesia january 2021
Meteorite crashes on house in Indonesia making small crater in private garden.

After looking several minutes for the source of the bang, some villagers found a warm rock in a small crater in a private garden at Astomulyo Village in Punggur District. As if it had fallen from the sky.

Other residents, several kilometers away from the fall location (Tanggamus area, North Lampung, West Lampung and even in the Metro), reported seeing a bright light falling from the sky.

There was no earthquake activity in the area and at the time the event occurred.

Is this really a meteorite? Probably, but we first need an expertise from a cosmochemist (I am actually one by the way!) or meteorite scientists. [Suara, Kompas]

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  1. Perhaps, sell the meteorite, and get a metal roof? Be sure to thank God it didn’t hit anybody in the house. Thank your lucky stars too. ?

    Wish I could find a nice meteorite. We have petrified wood out here. So, I collect pieces and put in my tortoise habitat. One time I found a petrified tree in segments. I have about 15 pieces. 50lbs worth. Not the same as finding a meteorite. I found a 10lb piece after the rains washed the dirt around it. Right below surface.


      Largest meteorites found. Hoba, 66 tons. Namibia.

      Well, this farmer got lucky. He probably is rich now, and owns plenty of land and livestock. Can you imagine if it had not been a slab? The velocity and kinetic energy would have been massive.

      66 tons. Think about that one hitting DC. It could happen one day. Spiritual wickedness tends to irritate Almighty God.

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