Unprecedented arctic blasts to deep freeze North America, Europe and Asia SIMULTANEOUSLY now!

global cooling
Picture: NASA

Look at these satellite images.

They clearly show extreme cold air engulfing North America, Europe and Asia simultaneously…

This really looks like patterns from a Grand Solar Minimum and Mini Ice Age. And there are no signs of warming ahead!

North America

North America is now on course for something widespread truly historic. CNN even claiming: This week’s polar vortex will be cold enough to freeze antifreeze.

As of Friday, Feb. 5 bitter cold will begin descending into the United States, and by next Monday/Tuesday the majority of the country will see itself engulfed:

arctic blast north america february 2021, arctic blast usa february 2021, arctic blast canada february 2021
Arctic blast north america february 2021. Weather Anomaly map for Canada and USA by tropicaltidbits.com

And here a forecast for the next 10 days. The extreme cold temperatures will station over North America until Feb. 17th, according to latest GFS runs:


And as you may probably understand, this arctic blast will be accompanied by heavy to unprecedented snow.



looking at the Old Continent, we have the same story.

By Tuesday, February 9, vast areas, particularly in the northern, central and western regions, will begin suffering temperatures 8°C to 20°C below the winter average:


The cold will only intensify in eastern regions over the following days, of course large amounts of snow:



Asia has been struggling with its own Big Freeze since end of December 2020, with animals freezing in places in Kazakhstan and parts of Siberia experiencing their longest cold spell in 14 years.

The brutal chill, unfortunately, isn’t expected to lift anytime soon as blizzard after blizzard hit those areas:

Look at the guys trying to brave that furious wind. OMG:

Southern Hemisphere

The southern hemisphere also experiences temperatures below average.

And looking ahead, Australia, South America, and Africa will all, for the large part, continue to suffer anomalously cool temps:


And it has also snowed on Maui… adn that’s pretty rare (except in the past 4 years ;-)):

Yes, it’s even cold across the Pacific and Atlantic islands:

Right now cold temperatures and arctic blasts are the reality of our climate. The cold times are returning and you better get prepared for it. Be ready! More information on ElectroVerse.

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  1. weather wars ,China is causing this,thanks to US tech. Bomb them back to the stone age where they belong.

  2. I hope we find Al Gored frozen on his toilet digging his nose with stuck feces constipation. Poetic justice.

  3. It’s decent now. All that cold is moving away. 20° now over in our mountains. We have three days of clearing forecasted. However, in the mountains, that can change rapidly. Probably make some chicken or duck soup next storm cell. February is soup time.

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