Heavy snowfall hits Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt (videos)

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Solar cycle minimum in February 2021

You want more proofs of the ongoing Solar Minimum?

Snow is blanketing parts of Syria, Lebanon and Israel, Jordan, northern Saudi Arabia and Egypt, blocking roads, disrupting traffic and even delaying exams at some universities.

Large parts of Syria were covered with snow was as high as 15 cm (6 inches) in the mountains of Sweida province, including the capital Damascus.

Roads in some provinces were blocked. In the central province of Hama, bulldozers shoveled snow to open roads while vehicles skidded on ice, further causing traffic disruption.

The University of Damascus called off mid-term exams scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday in all its branches around Syria because of the extreme weather conditions. The country’s ports remained open.

In the opposition-held northwestern Syria, civil defense teams have been building dirt mounds since Tuesday around displaced persons’ camps to prevent the rain from flooding the crowded areas. Nearly 3 million displaced people live in northwestern Syria, mostly in tents and temporary shelters. Heavy rainfall last month damaged over 190 displacement sites, destroying and damaging over 10,000 tents.

In neighboring Lebanon, Storm Joyce hit late Tuesday with gale force winds registering between 85 km/h (52 miles/h) and 100 km/h (62 miles/h). The storm is expected to get stronger Thursday.

Breaking a warm spell, the storm brought heavy rainfall, a sharp drop in temperatures and the heaviest snow fall in Lebanon this year. Snow is expected to cover areas of altitudes as low as 400 meters high, according to the Meteorological department. Nearly a dozen roads in eastern and northern Lebanon were closed to traffic because of the snow.

The Israeli Meteorological Service forecast heavy thunderstorms and cold temperatures across much of the country, with snowfall at higher altitudes expected later on Wednesday, including in Jerusalem. Heavy snowfall covered the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights near the border with Syria.

If you want tome more images, this video features the ongoing snow storms across Jordan (00:00), Syria (05:09), Lebanon (06:36), Israel (07:57), Palestine (08:40), Saudi Arabia (09:42) and Egypt (10:23)

The solar minimum is here and it’s one of the deepest in history!

There will be more wild temperature changes, more hail events, more earthquakes, more extreme volcano events, more snow in winters, lousy summers, late springs, short autumns, and more and more crop failures.

Solar minima also increase atmospheric radiation.

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  1. With more radiation getting through the atmosphere and affecting life on earth, no wonder we are seeing increases in disease called COVID. Afterall, that is what COVID is – it’s additional radiation playing havoc with our body electricity. Oh, but of course, no one will be making this connection. There’s something about some virus such and such which has not even been proven to exist.

    • agree – there is evidence that said the Flu epidemic back in 1917/18 was caused by the advent of electricity strongly put out in the world – back in Wuhan – that city had just introduced 5G – that was what was causing so many to just fall down – don’t forget the heavy chem trailing with lots of heavy metals – borium, strontium , aluminum, sulfur – all registered and scientifically proven – snow that does not melt in microwaves – burns animals feet … there will be many more cases of ‘Morgellans disease’ which is all the nano tech they put in food, water and weather manipulation ….crazy times

  2. Well, it’s normal to be below zero up here. We have had below zero mid-February temps for the last six years. Usually it’s 3-9°, and then the wind chill factor. Now, it is time to get my 5lb. sledge out, and break ice in the animal’s water tubs. Usually it’s about 2-3″ thick.
    * If it’s 30°, then the water tub ice is about 1/4″ thick.

    Solar minimum sounds like a decent theory to explore. Especially since this one is the biggest in 400 years, according to that article yesterday. The graphic was useful.

    • Animals get hungrier when it’s cold too. Had to throw extra of the mouse trap mice out for the flying tigers. Last evening they were perched and ready for their snacks. I usually warm them in the oven on low with door cracked. That way they are freshened up like a live kill.

      The little male grew since last season. During season, he’s been roosting in my backyard for three years now. I can get to about 10′ before he flys to the other tree, then he comes back to scarf down on those warmed up mice.

      Now, the good part— these flying tigers have a territory, and protect it against tbe other rogue, flying tigers that want to eat my chickens. So, I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night, and send the dogs. That’s how you can use nature to an advantage.

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