Global warming my ass! Snow and cold records are falling around the world from Greece to Japan and Libya – Meanwhile the sun is blank

solar minimum
solar minimum in 2021

Global warming? Come on… Temperatures are currently dropping big time, resulting in unprecedented snow storms across the world from Libya, Greece and Japan to the Middle East.

Here some of the latest…

Snow in Libya for the first time in 15 years

The Green Mountain in northeastern Libya was veiled white this week as snow fell in the area for the first time in 15 years.

The rare flurry began on Monday and is expected to continue for at least two more days.

Three dead as worst snow storm in over a decade hits Athens, Greece

Three people died on Tuesday as heavy snowfall fell and gale-force winds hit Greece, disrupting road and sea transport.

The cold front, dubbed “Medea” after the mythical Greek sorceress of the Argonauts, sent temperatures plunging.

The last time we saw so much snow in the centre of Athens was in February 2008, said meteorologist Costas Lagouvardos.

Snow storm pummels Japan, disrupts travel

A strong winter storm has lashed northern Japan and coastal regions, whipping off roofs, flooding homes and disrupting transport.

A gust of 162km/h was recorded at Cape Erimo on Hokkaido and 135 km/h in the city of Sakata, Yamagata prefecture.

The Japan Meteorological Agency warned of “the most powerful blizzard in years,” which could produce white-out conditions, for part of the island through Wednesday.

A severe blizzard battered the northern island of Hokkaido on Tuesday and a storm surge inundated homes in part of the island.

Heavy blizzard hits Istanbul, Turkey

The snowfall Istanbul is experiencing is expected to be as harsh as the winters of 1987, 2002 and 2004.

In 1987, Istanbul had one of the worst winters, where snow reached depths of 1 meter in some locations, with people stranded in their homes for days.

The Bosporus, the busiest waterway in the country that divides Istanbul in two, was closed to maritime traffic on Sunday as visibility dropped below half a nautical mile.

5 million in northern Mexico without power as winter storm in Texas freezes natural gas pipelines

Freezing weather in the US state of Texas left almost five million people in northern Mexico without power early on Monday, as a shortage of natural gas disrupted electricity production.

Mexico’s government-owned utility, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), said on Monday its operations were interrupted as the winter storm in Texas froze natural gas pipelines.

Mexico uses gas to generate about 60 percent of its power, compared with about 40 percent in the United States, and the country built pipelines to take advantage of cheap natural gas from its northern neighbour.

A deep freeze across Texas during the weekend took a toll on the energy industry in the largest US crude-producing state, shutting oil refineries and forcing restrictions from natural gas pipeline operators.

And here some more deep freeze news in the US, Russia, Italy (with a really funny video!), Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, the heavy snowfall is reported across the Middle East in parts of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt…

The sun is blank

Today the sun is blank. Same for the last 13 days. 63% of the days, or 30 days, were spotless in 2021. We are in a deep solar minimum! And there is no way out.

sun is blank, solar minimum
The sun is blank we are in a deep solar minimum. Via SDO/ HMI

High above Earth’s surface, near the edge of space, our atmosphere is losing heat energy. If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold.

For the next 20 years it’s going to get colder and colder, on average.

The fact is the sun rules the sea temperature, and the sea temperature rules the climate.

The jet stream will be wilder: there will be more wild temperature changes, more hail events, more earthquakes, more extreme volcano events, more snow in winters, lousy summers, late springs, short autumns, and more and more crop failures.

This is exactly what we are witnessing right now!

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  1. Record breaking snowfalls are simply not caused by cold temperatures alone there has to be increased levels of moisture in the atmosphere to create this snow. It is simple physics how do you get increased moisture in the atmosphere? You need warm moisture laden air mixing with cold dry air to create snow. Its not a conspiracy to look at what’s happening and apply logic to explain how and why this is happening.

  2. Here in North Dakota it has been a beautiful winter. The driest and most mild winter I have ever seen in my 48 years. Winter finally arrived two weeks ago with bitter cold, however it is nothing out of the ordinary.

  3. Seems like JEHOVAH GOD is pointing out the lies of the Globalist Climate Change NOW THE NEW GREEN DEAL. Just like Scientist John Casey said, we are heading into a little ICE AGE. Buy his book “Dark Winter” and read it.

    • Thank you for the tip!! 🙂 iceagefarmet and Lowyechmagazinr are My tips.Also,much of this is Not normal snow,thats why you will see planes creating grids or x formations=weathermods.Check patents and search archives.This tech has been used for decades.Also notice wild,weird colored skies before/after snow/rain,sometimes you will smell metallic,chem smell,Not natural ozone smell.There are videos of so-called snow from Texas that does not melt or it sparks up in a microwave=heavy metals and nanoparticles.Got plenty of evidence saved.

  4. If somebody tells you we’re gonna die from global warming, first thing you should do is go buy some warm snow boots, insulated clothing and a heater that works without plugging it into the power grid.

  5. I live in southwestern Ontario, and we’re having a totally normal winter. Temperatures here have been a bit colder than normal, but we did have a very mild December and January, which is not unusual for us.

    The milder temperatures are NOT due to global warming, they are part of normal weather cycles. I remember mild winters from 40 and even 45 years ago.

  6. If it would cool down in Summer months around here, that would be great.

    Winter at 6200′ so far has been very normal for February. The solar minimum does look pretty weird.

    • Well, Gates wanted to block out the sun with his idiotic genocidal space solar screens didn’t he?

      Most so-called expert media darlings are satanic assh0lers.

      • True!! 🙂 Gates has 0 right to do Anything to drasticly effect the other 7 Billion of us.Liar,weasel,and fraud.So concerned about the planet that he has how many homes and private planes???They just bought a CA home +10,000s.ft. And thats the small one.Meanwhile these aholes want to put us in coffins or sheds.They eat burgers and filey and want Us to eat bugs,weeds,gmo frankenfud.They need to be Gitmoed!!!

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