Next official UFO disclosure: Alien spaceship breaks sound barrier with no sonic boom


A former intelligence official says an upcoming government report will detail ‘difficult to explain’ UFO sightings…

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Pentagon will declassify UFO sightings in June 2021. Picture via Mike Agliolo

More inexplicable sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) will be released for public scrutiny in June — including a UFO that broke the sound barrier without producing a sonic boom.

Speaking on Fox News, the former director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, said that the sightings are “difficult to explain.

Ratcliffe, who served in the Trump administration, said he’d hoped to declassify the reports during his tenure but that they will be released by the Pentagon by June 1.

It’s not the first time the military has released strange reports, and even videos, of UFOs, known in military parlance as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs).

In April 2020, the U.S. Navy released three videos appearing to show aircraft flying faster than the speed of sound. And Senate intelligence reports reveal that the Pentagon is still on the hunt for UFOs or UAPs. But check your excitement, Fox Mulder — the military is generally more concerned about whether UAPs might be secret aircraft or weapons developed by other nations than it is about finding evidence of ET in our midst.

Next UFO disclosure in June 2021

Ratcliffe said the upcoming Pentagon report will include more sightings and reports of objects moving in seemingly impossible ways or breaking the speed of sound without an accompanying sonic boom.

The unexplained sightings occurred all over the world, he said, and include events picked up on automated sensors and not just by human eyes.

There are instances where we don’t have good explanations for some of the things that we’ve seen,” Ratcliffe told Fox News.

The report and declassification is required under the Intelligence Authorization Act for 2021.

Real or fake?

However, the sightings may not even represent advanced Earth technology.

Debunkers have suggested that the apparent extreme speed of the aircraft in the videos released in April 2020 could be an optical illusion called parallax. This effect occurs when an object close to a camera lens appears to be moving, sometimes quite quickly, as the camera moves, just because it’s closer to the lens than objects in the background.

Thus, the objects in the video could be as mundane as passenger planes or weather balloons. Some of the sudden movements in the videos may be artifacts of the camera zooming or sharpening the image.

There are also declassified experimental aircraft that can do things like break the speed of sound without the enormous “crack” of a sonic boom.

NASA’s X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology aircraft, which is under construction and not yet in flight, is designed to fly faster than sound without making more than a gentle thump to listeners on the ground. It’s unknown if governments have similar, secret technology in testing or use.

Whatever the to-be-released videos show, it’s a time of unprecedented document release around UFOs. In January, the CIA unveiled three decades’ worth of documents about mysterious incidents reported to or investigated by the agency. [Live Science]

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  1. If I may leave my humble comment? I believe in God. I am Christian oriented. Do I believe in aliens from another planet? Of course I do! I’m quite sure my God did not originate from earth

  2. Oh brother and the elephant in the ROOM while all this is bantered about the CCP Chinese space force and Russians r staking claim to moon mars asteroids THE NEW HIGH ground SPACE look at how many launches theyr making that’s the real STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. OK, I have for a long time read the opinions and articles about UFO’s. Let me for once set this straight to you all: I am not affiliated to any US / Russian or Chinese research group – and let me tell you they do exist especially in the US which is extremely classified and funded by subdivisions of the military, but are so deeply embedded not even some of the highest ranking military personnel or the President are aware of it, I am directly connected by these entities from other worlds, and there are more than 1 of them here on our Earth. Even they have some arguments about us ( bad ones even up to the 17’s century AD) and how to handle us, but have come to a resolution to stop arguing among themselves about us and how to handle us. The reason why they can not come directly foreword of the existence of these extra terrestrials is the following. One: the technology in their hands is such that if released to us unhindered to quickly it will crash and obliviate our current world economy and way of life. We are to dependent on our current way of energy and the way we look at our self’s. Millions of jobs, livelihood’s would be lost immediately. We can only achieve this by doing it gradually, very gradually, most likely over a period of 100 years or more as from today. The technology they have is so advanced that we all could have literally free energy for our homes and transport – including the way are rockets send in to space, no more smoke and fire – just a slight hum, and all this for a minimal fee. No more bang in achieving / producing power. Second: if you look at the way humanity behaves at this stage, especially our politicians behavior and their keen and blind followers, also keen followers of military pride and affiliation, crime syndicates and individuals in points of crime, religion, glorifying still high office (Politicians) like Royalties, Influencers, film stars ( Kardashians)etc. – it shows that the majority of our species is extremely dumb and medieval in this instance and other. This has been acknowledged by these entities’ and we are left to our own device’s which can only be outbred over a period of many more hundreds of years. With other words – we are to stupid, well at least the greater majority of us. They can not lead us too quickly to a very advanced future, where eventually peace and tranquility and greed / corruption / etc., will not prevail any more. They will however, like in the past, to give us a few hinds here and there – in advances in technology, humanity and decency….but do not expect to much. Some interference will occur in the future as always, to protect us from mayor self-annihilation or external (space) incidents. There will be shortly some release of news from the US about this phenomena, but it will be very subdued and of the cuff. It will not be more than about 5% of what really is going on, as it will really not be to good for the human race at this point. Not so much ideologically ( i.e. beliefs in religion etc.) , but more so economically and stability in our present way of life… has to chance gradually, for our sake. So, in finality, once you – the human race stop behaving like lunatics, soccer hooligans’, criminals, religious idiots, greedy non-caring morons, idiot worshipping beings…..etc.etc. – only then will you achieve the understanding of UFO’s and beings from other worlds.

    • that’s some story mic , too bad the truth is we are living in some advanced pre-cognitive sentient beings super computer simulation. De ja Vu is just a glitch in their program . big Bang just the initial start up of the simulation .

  4. I wonder it is only a light generated “object” from ionizing a pocket of air from multiple sources of energy, most likely masers and or lasers that are not visible to the human eye by themselves. When they are combined at upon the same point t though, it tunes into the frequencies of the atoms and molecules in the air and raises their energy level up to a visible energy level. Then there is really no object that needs to move through the air, only the combined sources of light not visible to the eye or camera.

  5. Yeah, well we always heard the classic reports of flashing lights and it flew away at a high rate of speed. I always was wondering why no sonic boom.

    I doubt any good info will be released. Same as the last declass.


  6. Amazing how well the TR-3B out of Groom Lake in the U.S works in not creating a sonic boom. Watching the craft at night going faster than the speed of sound, fantastic. Depends on which circle you’re in on classifying this a ufo.
    Anyone interested in seeing a 3d model of it, check out the stl file on the internet.

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