The Schumann Resonance is a low-frequency hum created from lightnings and is influencing human behavior


So is this one of the reasons why scientists try to control lightnings and thunderstorms?

Schumann resonances affect humans
Schumann resonances affect humans. Picture via Youtube video

Flashes of lightning that strike around the earth about 50 times every second create low frequency electromagnetic waves that encompass the planet. These waves, dubbed Schumann Resonances, may have an affect on human behavior, think some scientists.

Kept up by the 2,000 or so thunderstorms that batter our planet every moment, the Schumann Resonances can be found in the waves that go up to about 60 miles above in the lower ionosphere part of our atmosphere.

They stay up there thanks to electric conductivity in the ionosphere that features charged ions, separated from neutral gas atoms in the area by solar radiation. This allows the ionosphere to capture electromagnetic waves.

What are the Schumann Resonances ?

The Schumann Resonances encircle the Earth, repeating the beat which has been used to study the planet’s electric environment, weather, and seasons. Flowing around our planet, the waves’ crests and troughs align in resonance to amplify the initial signal.

The waves were named after Winfried Otto Schumann, in honor of his seminal work on global resonances in mid-1950s. First measured in the early 1960s, the very low-frequency waves (with the base at 7.83 Hertz) oscillate between greater and lower energy. The frequency 7.83 Hz has been called the Earth’s “heartbeat.” Progressively weaker harmonics have been measured at around 14.3, 20.8, 27.3, and 33.8 Hz.

The resonances fluctuate with variations in the ionosphere, with the intensity of solar radiation playing a major part. At night, for example, that part of the ionosphere becomes thinner.

The world’s lighting hotspots in Asia, Africa, and South America, whose storms are seasonal and affected by whether its night or day, also influence the strength of the resonance.

Schumann resonances affect humans
Diagram of Schumann resonances in Earth’s atmosphere. Picture via Wikipedia

Right now, the strange humming frequencies seem to accelerate… but nobody knows why

Do Schumann Resonances impact humans?

These waves have also been studied for their impact on humans. A 2006 study found that the frequencies may be related to different kinds of brain waves.

The researchers described “real time coherence between variations in the Schumann and brain activity spectra within the 6–16 Hz band.”

Authors of a 2016 paper discovered that 238 measurements from 184 individuals over a 3.5 year period “demonstrated unexpected similarities in the spectral patterns and strengths of electromagnetic fields generated by the human brain and the earth-ionospheric cavity.

The Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz has also been linked by some to hypnosis, meditation, and even human growth hormones but there’s less rigorous scientific evidence of those connections at this point.

Can our bodies truly be affected by electromagnetic frequencies generated by incessant lighting strikes?

Certainly some of the speculation ventures into new age science. Some believe a spike in the resonance can influence people and animals, while a reversal may also be possible, where human consciousness can both be impacted by and itself impact the Schumann Resonances.

By this logic, a sudden source of global stress that produces worldwide tension would be able to change the resonances.

Some have even blamed the stress caused by the Schumann Resonances that resulted from the ancient Chicxulub impact event, when a huge asteroid struck Mexico, for the demise of the dinosaurs.

While the imaginative effects of the Schumann Resonances are still up for much more scientific study, the fascination with this unique natural phenomenon continues. [Big Think]

So if they control lightnings, do they then control our behaviors? Now discover the mysterious Taos Hum in New mexico

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  1. Retarded story! I swear jouralist are increasingly writting more incomplete stories than ever before. No mention of alpha waves, this alone is a story with partial truths and repeats itself. Good topic, apparently zero research. I could go on but, it would be easier to submit a story that is correct in the sense that more information is givin so the reader actually learns and get to understand the relationships of electricity and magnatism and life.

  2. One of the biggest disruptions in the Schumann Resonances is HAARP sending huge amounts of RF into the ionosphere along with dispersing nanoparticles into the atmosphere by aircraft. All this is a man-made phenomenon. Things would go back to normal if the military-industrial-intelligence complex would stop jacking around with the atmosphere. They want a Space Fence around the Earth in which they have control of every human. And control of the weather at any point on Earth.

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