Strange UFO activity around Popocatepetl volcano as numerous bright flashes of light are recorded many times in the last 2 months

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UFO explodes over Mexican Popocatepetl volcano in 2021. Picture via Youtube video

Look at these bizarre videos captured by state cameras over the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico…

The below video was captured on March 26, 2021, 2021:

At first, the strange glowing object looks like a meteor fireball exploding in the night sky…

Well if it’s a fireball, then a weird one: The space rock first disintegrates, then explodes in a bright flash of light and continues flying further at increased speed, as if it had pressed on the turbo accelerator…

And then you find some other very similar videos captured a few days before on March 20, 2021:

Here again twice on March 20, 2021:

and than a cigar-shaped UFO on May 2, 2021…

It’s just strange how this Mexican volcano is mystic and full of aliens preparing the invasion… But why are they only coming out duting eruption or enhanced volcanic activity?

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