Two giant cracks in the ground close down highway in Mexico and fissure buildings around

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Two giant cracks block traffic in Guadalaraja, Mexico. Picture via Facebook

Two huge cracks are fissuring the ground in Guadalajara.

The fissures extend from the Sayula lagoon to the Guadalajar-Colima Freeway.

Officials have closed the highway near km 58 between the Sayula section to Usmajac.

The earth cracks appeared on May 10, 2021 morning.

Municipal Civil Protection Staff Jalisco and Firefighters went to the scene to inspect the fissure and indicated that it could be the result of a hydro-geologic failure.

According to pictures, the rift has also fissured building walls as well as gardens and plots.

Despite the extreme instability of the roads, they both remain open to traffic. [El Suspicaz]

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