Another paroxysmal eruption of Etna Volcano in Italy sends thick plume of ash and gas several kilometers in the air (video and photos)


Sicily’s Mount Etna erupted again on Wednesday, producing lava flows and sending up plumes of ash several kilometers into the air from the volcano’s southeast crater.

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Etna eruption on June 2 2021. Picture via Youtube video

The volcano produced yet another lava-fountaining episode or paroxysm from the new SE crater on June 2th morning, with no more than three days since the previous explosion.

Volcanic tremor began to increase around 8 am. There wer followed by an onset of weak strombolian explosions at the new SE crater’s saddle vent around 9:45 am.

After a first slow activity phase, the paroxysmal eruption reached its maximum intensity around 10:30 local time, generating 300/400-meter-high lava fountains and a plume of gas and ash that rose several kilometers in the air and drifted east-southeast.

The paroxysm also ejected lava that flowed along the southwest flank of the volcano. Ash and small lapilli (up to 1.0-1.5 cm) fell the town of Santa Venerina.

The lava fountain activity lasted until about 12:40 local time, while the explosive activity ended up around 12:50.

Etna is the largest of Italy’s three active volcanoes which also include Stromboli, on the Sicilian island of the same name, and Mount Vesuvius near Naples – which last erupted in 1944.

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    Betcha it would be a big hit too. Have a grotto with some music, and atmosphere. Dancing for the youngsters. Torches, and maybe a water feature.

    People seem to enjoy living around potential disaster. May as well make the best of it?

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