Northern Mississippi farmers experience total loss for some crops after unprecedented flooding


The Mississippi Department of Agriculture said farmers are experiencing a total loss for some crops after the flooding conditions swept farmlands. This loss will affect the economy but hopefully not Mississippi’s food production.

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Northern Mississippi flooding in June 2021.

I’ve never seen anything like it,” Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson said. “It was just torrential. It looked like a tropical storm.

Gipson went to north Mississippi this week to observe the impacted farmlands.

They look like lakes where there was cotton and soybeans. And there are even cornfields that are totally underwater,” he said.

Boliver County is one of the hardest-hit areas and those farmers are said to be losing corn, cotton and maybe more. Commissioner Gipson said they could possibly salvage their soybean crops if they choose to replant but only if the fields dry out.

Like an ocean on both sides:

He said he hasn’t seen severity like this as long as he’s been with the department.

This is really an unprecedented event as far north as it is in north Mississippi,” Gipson said. “We are used to seeing the flooding in south Delta and the Yazoo backwater and other parts of the state, but this event has dropped about 20 inches of rain in north Mississippi and the north Delta.

Unfortunately, Gipson said there is not much the state can do to fix the problem.

The devastation of a flood like this and an unexpected timeframe. Nobody could prepare for this. There’s nothing you could do to stop it,” Gipson said.

This loss will affect the economy of the region, but hopefully not Mississippi’s food production. [Clarion Ledger, MSN]

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  1. WE HAD DEEP SNOW ON OUR ROCKY MOUNTAINS,then the HARPP CAME and evaporated it all,,The next day our snow was gone.. we watched as it headed east…THEY dumped it on the midwest..SO call your Governor if you don’t like the floods,maybe ,he’ll order the national guard to shoot down their chemtrail jets….

  2. It happens out there. I remember a few times. Farming is tough work. Even my small-time farming here is hard work. We have had two hours of dry lighting and thunder, no rain!. Pissing me off.

    I still have 2 hours of manual watering, and no sun to boost my solar to run the well pump that fills the cistern when it kicks in. In other words, I will be up at the crack of dawn playing catch up, running a generator to boost my solar batteries, so I can irrigate 40 gallons per tree. I still have 100 trees to water, and berry bushes too. You burn a tree or bush, then it takes months to get it back.

    Fortunately, I am used to this crap. I have been deep watering for a month, anticipating this psycho monsoon weather. Out here I pray for rain. Usually Christ Jesus never gives me more than I can handle. When it rains, then you can freewheel and take a break.

    When a well pump kicks in it uses 320watts. When the well-booster pump kicks in it uses 900 watts. When both run at the same time that gets close to 1500watts, and you have to shut down all the crap in the house. It’s like juggling your watts. Pain in the ass.

    I think ai will say a prayer for the farmers out there right now.

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