Are The A’s Good Enough To Make It To The 2021 World Series?

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The Oakland Athletics and the 2021 World Series in Baseball Photo by Cody Glenn

The Oakland Athletics are one of the best teams in baseball and there is nothing any hater can do about it. The A’s, usually known for their outlandish moves and ideas when it comes to the game have made it a point to make this season the one in which they go for the coveted World Series run that their fans have been waiting for since 1989. World Series betting platforms all have the A’s as the quiet underdogs that are starting to get more and more attention as the season goes on. So what will it take for the A’s to make a convincing case as top AL candidates for the World Series trophy? Let’s take a look.

Their Pitching Is Good, Very Good But It Needs To Be Better

Chris Bassitt is the cornerstone of the A’s starting rotation and he is making sure that everyone in MLB is well aware of just how good he is. Sean Manaea is another ace in the rotation that offers Oakland some much needed stability to the rotation but after that, the A’s need some more help in the rotation if they wish to make it to the top of the AL when push comes to shove. It’s time for guys that were called out in the beginning of the season like Jesus Luzardo with his mix of a ravishing fast ball that can reach upwards of 100 mph and his curveball that can fly to the plate at 65 mph to step up. Frankie Montas and Cole Irvin are also two other guys that need to step up and show what they’re made of because when the going gets tough and real, pitching is what makes teams champions.

On the other hand, the bullpen needs to go back to playing like they did in 2020 before imploding right in the postseason. No mistakes can be allowed here so guys like Yusmeiro Petit and closer Lou Trivino need to keep up their stride moving forward in the season. If the A’s bullpen can play in the style of what they did in 2020 but improve in their stability when the going gets rough, then the A’s should be good to go.

Olson and Chapman Can Play Like MVP’s, Exactly What Oakland Needs

Matt Olson and Matt Chapman are the two cornerstones of the A’s offense this season and they need to continue putting in their work like they’ve been doing so far. For Olson, the 2021 season is turning out to be the perfect revenge on what analysts called a fluke season for him in 2020. He leads the team in batting average, home runs and RBI’s and is showing off some great skills that put him right up top in the list of the best players in the team and his division. Chapman on the other hand feels like he is playing to prove to the league that he can do both, hit the ball and play some stellar defense like he is known for.

In 2019 both Olson and Chapman were out on a hunt to outdo each other in all of the top offensive numbers and if they continue this way in 2021 then they will be the juice that Oakland needs to put their division and the American League on notice.

Keeping Bob Melvin Might Be The Last Straw The A’s Need

While for the past few seasons Oakland has made a name for itself for being a numbers and data team, one cannot foresee the human effect that having a manager like Bob Melvin has brought to this team. Ever since taking over in 2011, Melvin has made it a fact to show that this team can play and play well. He has shown the A’s that there is a winning culture to be worked with and that results can happen if given the time and space to work on.

Bob Melvin’s effect on his players, both young and veteran as well as his proven record as a winner in both the American and National League can come in very handy, especially given the fact that he has taken the A’s to three playoff appearances, including last year’s since taking over the managerial spot. By the looks of it, it seems like Melvin has found the right groove that Oakland needs to ride with to seriously make a splash and make a run for the big time, now it’s on the A’s to make due on their part and follow lead.


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  1. Well, they are at 44 wins, 30 loses just behind Houston.

    I can remember back in around 70-71 when they had Vida Blue pitching. He threw some heat. I remember how happy I was when I got his baseball card back then.

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