Is the Three Gorges Dam going to resist? Dramatic floods in China hit 27 provinces and regions, leaving only 7 untouched


Floods hit 27 provinces and territories in China, leaving only 7 untouched, for now. A total of 17 large rivers are above the alarm level. Is the Three Gorges Dam going to resist?

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Devastating China floods in 2021.

From the northernmost province of Heilongjiang to the southernmost province of Fujian, floods destroyed homes and submerged crops on a massive scale.

According to Chinese media, nearly 7 million people were affected by the floods. 24 people were reported dead or missing.

The floods have washed away more than 6,000 homes, and caused an immediate economic loss of nearly $2 billion across the country.

Chinese state media reported that in Heilongjiang province alone, floods affected more than 42,000 people, and forced nearly 20,000 people to flee.

Its neighbor, Inner Mongolia, lost more than 12,000 hectares of food crops in just one city.

A new round of heavy rain has been drenching Fujian province since Monday, and has not stopped. That is expected to last until Thursday.

In the Southeast, Jiangxi province also reported problems. Moved to Hunan province, South China. Yiyang City officials issued a red-level warning for heavy rain on Monday.

In Heilongjiang province, near the city of Heihe, local water levels have soared by more than 8 feet in recent days. And in Chongqing City, authorities also announced a level 4 weather warning, with many houses and roads already damaged.

So, do you think the Three Gorges dam will resist the 2021 floods or the next big earthquake? [CNA, SoundofHope]

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  1. So, do you think the Three Gorges dam will resist the 2021 floods or the next big earthquake?

    Well, only the Lord knows the answer. If the dam is built like their products, then it will probably break under stress.

    • I suspect the red chinese junk we get in the US is produced by US companies doing business with china, either contracting manufacturing or building factories there. It’s hard to believe the chinese would be stupid enough to actually use the same products they ship here.

      • It’s the quality control on the production line. If the quality control is bad for US corporate communist’s end user, it won’t be much better for those behind the great wall.

        What motivation would a slave laborer have to produce better quality products?

        Other than fear of being put on a table, sliced open without anesthesia, and organs removed for some bureaucrat—I don’t see any incentive to produce anything but crappy products, either domestically or for export.

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