Independence Day fireball: Amazing videos show bright meteor changing night sky into day in Idaho


The sky was on fire on Independence day… Better then your 4th of July show, no?

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Independence Day fireball in Idaho. Picture via Youtube video

A bright meteor fireball changed Idaho’s night sky into day for a brief moment on Sunday, July 4th 2021 around 04:52 UTC (July 3rd 10:52 pm Idaho time).

Here the videos and reports:

The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 31 reports about a bright fireball exploding over ID, MT, OR, UT, WA and WY on Sunday, July 4th 2021 around 04:52 UTC (or July 3rd 10:52 pm Idaho time).

Better then your 4th of July show, no?

This is the same disintegrating fireball recorded over Eagle, Idaho:

There are many more videos of the event online. Here a few:

This video is related to another AMS event, but occurred at the exact same time… So I bet they are the same meteor:

An amazing sky show for the 4th of July! If you have other videos of this huge and bright meteor fireball, please add it to the comments! Thank you!

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  1. It didn’t happen on the Fourth. It didn’t happen at 4:14 am. It happened around 11:30 pm mountain time July 3rd

    • Imagine when the Lord starts aiming comets and meteorites at the wicked pervert enclaves. All the wicked perverts and blasphemers will be annihilated. God’s elect will be spared. Probably will happen pretty soon too.

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