Violent mud volcano eruption in Caspian Sea sends fireball, black smoke and flames into the sky off Azerbaijan (video)

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Violent mud volcano eruption in Caspian Sea off Azerbaijan coast. Picture via Youtube video

A huge explosion has been seen off the coast of Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea, sending plumes of black smoke and flames into the sky.

The blast, which erupted in an area full of oil and gas fields on Sunday, was caused by a mud volcano.

None of the energy stations were damaged and no-one was hurt, it added.

The blast took place about 10km (6 miles) from the Umid gas field, which is 75km (45 miles) off the coast of Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, state oil company Socar spokesperson Ibrahim Ahmadoc said.

The fire continued to smoulder into Monday, but was threatening neither oil and gas infrastructure nor people’s lives, Azerbaijan’s emergency ministry said.

It said the fire had been caused by a mud volcano.

About 400 of the world’s estimated 1,000 mud volcanoes are in Azerbaijan. They spew both mud and flammable gas.

Nicknamed the “Land of Fire”, Azerbaijan is famed for its its rich oil and natural gas reserves. Explorer Marco Polo wrote about the fires in the 13th Century.

The mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan are some of the biggest and most violent in the world. There are, on average, several large mud volcano eruptions each year, and many of them can have big fires,” Dr Mark Tingay, a geophysicist at the University of Adelaide, wrote on Twitter.

The explosion follows a fire on the ocean surface in the Gulf of Mexico, which was extinguished on Friday after burning for more than five hours.

The blaze was blamed on a gas leak from an underwater pipeline. [BBC]

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  1. You have it exactly backwards!
    Pole shift = climate change (geographic shift). Global warming is caused by the suns radiation, nothing else. Only geographic warming comes from man made construction.

  2. Mexico’s Pemex offshore gas field erupted with a subaquatic fire on July 2. A day later on July 3 Romania had an unexplained refinery explosion. And this was followed yet another day later on July 4 with another subaquatic gas explosion in the Caspian Sea. All three explosions are either in a stretch zone or on a plate border on the move. Pemex is just to the East of the New Madrid Fault Line, and the Caspian Sea and Romania are in the Eurasian Plate stretch zone. In addition, the dropping of the Africa Plate has started to pull open a void in Eurasia above the drop point.
    Exploding refineries are nothing new, but gas fields exploding and burning under the water is unusual. Under normal circumstances, gas or methane merely rises to the surface and drifts off. Where is the spark that causes such an explosion? Pemex had a pipeline explosion so metal being pulled apart could spark. Even though under water, the spark has a life that lives long enough to start combustion, and oxygen is available in water molecules. And the Caspian Sea mud volcano had sufficient volcanic heat coming up from below.

  3. Well, marxist buttclowns can’t blame “globull” warming on mud volcanoes. You wait, some idiots will claim it anyways, for propaganda value if nothing else.

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