Major eruption of Alaskan Semisopochnoi volcano imminent – Red alert – Explosions spotted

Semisopochnoi volcano eruption September 20 2021 red alert
Ash being released by the Semisopochnoi volcano in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Picture: AVO

While a strong eruption is currently hitting La Palma in the Canary Islands, a red alert warning has been issued by scientists stating that a “major eruption” is imminent at an Alaskan volcano.

Volcanologists have stated that the major volcanic eruption is underway with hazardous activity both on the ground and in the air.

Seismogram of the Semisopochnoi volcano… Some explosions are clearly visible… Major eruption ahead. Picture: AVO

Seismic observations represent an increase in eruptive activity at the site of the volcano. Scientists have upgraded the Aviation Color Code and Volcano Alert level to a red warning.

The volcano is called Semisopochnoi. It is located on Unyak Island, which is part of the Rat Islands group in the western Aleutian Islands of Alaska.

location of Semisopochnoi volcano Alaska
Location of the Semisopochnoi volcano in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. AVO

Observations of Semisopochnoi volcano shows an increase in ash plumes rising to 15,000 feet into the atmosphere.

The ash emissions from the volcano have increased in frequency and intensity and can be seen on satellite images rising above the weather clouds.

Semisopochnoi volcano eruption September 20 2021 red alert
Ash plume from Semisopochnoi volcano rising above the weather cloud deck on Sentinel satellite imagery. The ongoing eruption of Semisopochnoi volcano has intensified prompting officials to raise the volcano alert to RED on September 20, 2021. Picture: Sentinel satellite

The ash cloud, blown by high winds, has extended approximately 60 miles to the southeast of the volcano.

Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) reported: “Explosions have been observed throughout the day and increased sulfur dioxide gas emissions have been observed in satellite data this afternoon.

These observations represent an increase in eruptive activity and Aviation Color Code and Volcano Alert level are being increased to a red warning.

Increasing high clouds over Semisopochnoi will likely obscure satellite views of ash emissions within the hour.

Seismic and infrasound monitoring will continue to provide notice of ongoing explosive activity, however, it cannot determine the height or extent of ash emissions.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory will continue to closely monitor all available data.

The volcano sits on the Ring of Fire that surrounds the Pacific ocean.

The Ring of Fire is a path along the Pacific Ocean characterized by active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. [Express]

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    • That depends. Most likely, it will actually bring greater rain-fall everywhere. Skiing/Snowboarding will be great, and the wines that are bottled over the rest of this year and next will be extraordinary. Some crops might get over-drenched and that’ll be bad for the rice-farmers, and some other crops, which isn’t good timing considering the hyperinflation and falling economic growth that is gradually becoming more apparent. Still, I’d be nervous if I lived in Alaska near this volcano, at the moment. With any luck, it’ll just smoke, scare people, and sputter out.
      It’s unlikely to be a supervolcanic eruption that shrouds the earth in a life-suffocating cloud of ash and smoke. That kind of thing has happened, and will, again, so it’s not Impossible, but it’s just not likely in this scenario.

    • One thing is for sure: The Salmon harvest in Alaska and NE Russia will be awesome in 2 and 3 years. This is the one the fisherman have been praying for. We can make this happen for them every year by dumping a little iron sulfate in the ocean, and help reduce CO2 at the same time. It is FAR cheaper than current sequestration technology.

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