La Palma volcanic eruption update: Large coastal landslide in Tazacorte – Airport reopens – Seismicity decrease and deflation

la palma eruption update September 26 2021
La Palma eruption update for September 26 2021. Get_Ty

It’s been a week today, that the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma started erupting. And according to the latest events, there’s no end in sight!

Since the beginning of the eruption, the lava flow buried 210 hectares (518 acres) of land and destroyed around 500 buildings. Ashfall is widespread and covers 1,314 hectares (3,246 acres). The lava has also detroyed 16.9 kilometers of road.

The amount of ash does not affect health, but it can cause damage when handling it

These latest numbers were compiled from the first satellite image of the eruption area without clouds captured at 12:03 UTC on Saturday, September 25 by Copernicus.

Meanwhile, the La Palma airport, which was closed yesterday due to ash accumulation, has reopened today morning, after a clean-up operation was carried out overnight. However the flights scheduled for today remain canceled.

Seismicity continues at low levels at around 10 kilometers depth. Scientists from the Canarian Geodetic Network have recorded a deflation process in the last 24 hours in the area of ​​the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which would indicate a decrease in pressure in the magmatic system. However, these data do not imply that the eruption is close to an end.

According to the technical director of Pevolca, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, there are currently 2 flows:

  • A flow to the north that is fluid
  • A flow to the south that moves at 30 meters per hour.

This lava comes from more interior areas of the caldera and is at about 1,250 °C and thus flows very quickly. But with time, it becomes more viscous and slows down.

Ashfall is affecting nearby municipalities but drifts to the East due to a strong wind. The crater is emitting 25,000 tons per day of sulfur, but air quality is still good.

Meanwhile, a large landslide that has fallen into the sea occurred in the town of Tazacorte, which is just 15 minutes away from the city of Todoque, currently ravaged by lava.

The event occurred on Sunday morning, on a cliff above Playa Nueva, near the port of the town. It’s not yet clear if this is directly related to the seismic activity that has been capturing the world’s attention. Is a tsunami still possible?

On Saturday, the main cone of the eruption collpased, causing a new lava flow, more fluid and faster that was able to run over the first one.

María José Blanco, director of the Geophysical Center of the Canary Islands explained: “The volcano has phases in which parts of the cone disappear. It has already happened twice and it cannot be ruled out that it continues to happen.

Today, residents evacuated from Tacande de Arriba, Tacande de Abajo and Tajuya, will be able to return to their homes.

Since last Sunday, around 6,200 residents have been evacuated from the areas that are in the path of the lava flows and from areas that could be cut off by the magma rivers.

Check out these remarkable images from La Palma:

Los Campitos. By Borja Suarez
Emilio Morenatti
Emilio Morenatti
Emilio Morenatti
Nacho Doce
Emilio Morenatti

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    One good thing is that soil will be enriched, and all the bush will grow back nicely.

    Not yet on the landslide /tsunami fears. The one video showed some small landslide, but there wasn’t much displacement. Not saying it couldn’t get worse, but that was puny landsliding.

    • To wake you up a bit the concerns are the large fissures opening up with Lava spewing out. This shows a very large chunk of the western face beginning separation as lava is seen coming out of multiple ports all along the fissure. This is the concern happening in slow motion.
      Hopefully it will calm down and newly release Lave will bond things to hold up for a few centuries more. If not we’ll be witness to Natures wrath taking down the human virus that was consuming her… ‘All We Is Dust In The Wind’…

    • Did you not notice the huge crack in the ground near the latest landslide. That’s quite a large chunk of real estate just waiting to be lopped off the island.

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