La Palma volcanic eruption update for Sept. 30th: Increased volcanic activity with more ash and gases

La Palma volcano eruption for September 30 2021
La Palma volcano eruption for September 30 2021

Today, the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma, Canary Islands, has increased its eruptive power and emitted a greater amount of ash than when its lava flow reached the sea on Tuesday night.

Explosions are now being registered in the north slope of the main cinder cone. This new situation could cause the cone to collapse in the short term.

According to Pevolca the dynamic of the eruption process is very unstable. Consequently, sea and land exclusion zones remained in place on Thursday, as did the evacuation of residents and the lockdown in the areas of San Borondón, Marina Alta, Marina Baja and La Condesa.

Disaster of cosmic proportions: Russian cosmonauts share spectacular SPACE PHOTO of La Palma volcano eruption:

Meanwhile, the eruption continued to increase the surface area of the new lava island, which now measures 17.2 hectares (3x the size of Tuesday!). Lots of gases entering the atmosphere:

Meanwhile, lava destroyed 338.3 hectares of land, while a total of 1,752.8 hectares is covered in ash. More than 850 buildings have been destroyed and buried more than 27.4 kilometers of roads.

In the last two days, the volcano has been emitting nearly 17,000 tons of sulfur dioxide a day, and the plume of ash and gases rose 3.5 kilometers.

The seismic activity continues to be located, principally, near the same location than at the beginning of the eruption and at depths greater than 10 kilometers. From the tremors located on Wednesday, six were above M3. There were also some superficial quakes around the cone eruption.

The lava was moving today at a speed of two meters per hour; very slow in comparison to the 700 meters per hour a few days ago. The molten rock was still entering the sea in the same place it first did on Tuesday night, but it could take a new route.

Authorities are trying to help victims of the eruption as much as possible. On Thursday, some residents were given authorization to collect belongings, provided they were outside the 2.5-kilometer exclusion zone. Agricultural workers were also permitted to enter plots of land in El Remo, Puerto Naos and Las Hoyas for watering purposes and to collect bananas.

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