Massive M6.5 earthquake at the northernmost tip of the Cascadia Subduction zone in British Columbia, Canada quickly deleted by USGS

M6.5 earthquake hits Canada
M6.5 earthquake hits British Columbia, Canada. Map via USGS

On September 6, 2021, a strong earthquake hit Kitimat at the northernmost tip of the Cascadia Subduction Zone around noon local time. The official reports of the M6.5 earthquake on land in British Columbia, Canada were quickly deleted by USGS.

The USGS sent out the first alert, but nothing came from other seismic agencies like Natural Resources Canada or EMSC.

M6.5 earthquake BC Canada deleted by USGS
A M6.5 earthquake in BC, Canada was deleted by USGS

Despite coming through some USGS feeds, there is no sign of an earthquake having actually occurred from people who should have felt it.

If there really had been an event anywhere close to that magnitude, recording stations all over North America would have picked it up.

Did you notice the location? The upper end of the Cascadia Subduction Zone… Inland…

It seems like something went very wrong.

Computer glitch?

A government seismologist says a magnitude 6.5 earthquake reported in British Columbia on Monday never happened.

Alison Bird of Natural Resources Canada says a computer glitch led to the erroneous report from the United States Geological Survey.

She says there was no earthquake 165 kilometers southeast of Kitimat on Monday afternoon.

Bird says the automated system isn’t perfect at processing data.

She says it’s possible that two small quakes at different locations were detected as one event.

Posts about the false alarm on the American agency’s website have been deleted.

The cascadia Subduction Zone

The Cascadia Subduction Zone is a 600-mile fault that runs from northern California up to British Columbia and is about 70-100 miles off the Pacific coast shoreline.

There have been 41 earthquakes in the last 10,000 years within this fault that have occurred as few as 190 years or as much as 1200 years apart.

The last earthquake that occurred in this fault was on January 26, 1700, with an estimated 9.0 magnitude. This earthquake caused the coastline to drop several feet and a tsunami to form and crash into the land.

What is most surprising is that evidence for this great earthquake also came from Japan. Japanese historic records indicate that a destructive distantly-produced tsunami struck their coast on January 26, 1700.

By studying the geological records and the flow of the Pacific Ocean, scientists have been able to link the tsunami in Japan with the great earthquake from the Pacific Northwest. Native American legends also support to the timing of this last event.

Oregon, Washington and BC in Canada have the potential for a 9.0+ magnitude earthquake caused by the Cascadia Subduction Zone and a resulting tsunami of up to 100 feet in height that will impact the coastal area.

There is an estimated 2-4 minutes of shaking or rolling that will be felt along the coast line with the strength and intensity decreasing the further inland you are. Are you prepared?

If you had no trust issue yet… now you have a reason for it! [FOX]

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  1. Its possible its a fore shock to the coming cascadia major rupture. The USGS knows this and is keeping it quiet. The 2011 japan quake happened like this. A 6.5 to 7 foreshock then a week later cha ching a 9.5.

  2. many seismographs are in remote locations. Perhaps somebody or something Disturbed it. But with USGS one never knows. They have a habit of deleting or under-reporting quakes within that area. The best site for accurate earthquake forecasting, which is different than prediction, is dutchsinse. He has figure it out the science of where and within 10 days. And he often nails the magnitude as well. USGS is done their best to demonize him. It hasn’t worked they’ve only discredited themselves.

  3. I’ve got family there, rang them as soon as I saw the quake, they ere confused what we were talking about as they had no earthquake.


    Australian nazi death camps are foreshadowing to America. Australia gave up their 2nd Ammendment. America has not. There’s a lesson here. Tyrants can’t send you to the Zyklon shower in America.
    However, they can roll out the Beast system, and disallow you from buying and selling.
    Perhaps they wish to provoke civil war, so they can declare martial law, and strip taxpayers of their Constitutional rights?

    Don’t forget what happened during Katrina.


        Alex Jones on RNC support for legal action against unconstitutional vax mandates.

        Most of these guys calling themselves R, are cowards and snakes too.
        Bunch of lip service too, courts are packed with bribed, blackmailed and compromised perverts as judges.
        Mass Revolt is in order. This illegal stolen presidential scam is fraud. These dickweeds do not have the consent of the people. Mass Revolt is probably what will have to happen. Truckerd need to revolt too, stop commerce, blockades, and blow horns.

      • For those versed in Scripture, what is happening and will continue to happen both politically and geologically at an exponential rate should be of no surprise. I started preparing for the Beast system decades ago . Making sure that when the time arrived I would be debt-free and well prepared to live life without the Beast system. I even uprooted the family 20 years ago to where I felt was one of the more secure areas. There is no safe place, only safer places.
        They fear a revolution, and the new world odor stumbling block is the armed America. This is why they have tried to formulate a civil war that hasn’t happened. So with the vaccine aside I still expect a contrived EMP. Without communication as well as electricity. No one will know if it’s the Sun, China, Russia, North Korea, or even Traders within the US. And frankly it won’t matter most are totally unprepared for any catastrophe and close to 90% will be dead within a year. With this the Beast does not have to expend any resources to cull the masses. The masses will do it to themselves. They won’t worry about the remaining 10%, the numbers will be too few and insignificant. And many will have walked too a education camp.
        Then with that you have the natural disasters. Some of that will be manipulated with man-made “Beast government” enhancements.
        But we are going through a few citracal cycles that are all coinciding at the same time this time. These are the natural pole shift, the Mulder minimum. And with that comes a weaker magnetic Shield, and mini ice age. We also have an incoming object large enough it will blot out a third Is What You observe in space. Its gravitational Mass is already affecting the whole solar system. This is on a 3600 year cycle. And with it comes a large debris field. Everyone can expect even larger earthquakes and volcanic activity. Plus a compression of the atmosphere which will increase the near ground wind speeds do near hurricane speeds in land. And it will enable hail larger than Can Be Imagined. You can also expect a rapid depletion of the aquifers. As well as increased solar radiation. And one doesn’t need to worry about the quote “pole shift”. Likely unsurvivable above or below ground. That is the end game in the Bible. The idea is prepare to ease the suffering before that time. And not be tempted or coerced by the Beast system. This is about one soul. Regardless of how things appear now this is only the beginning. The time of Sorrows.

  5. They obviously deleted it so people don’t get on to the fact the pole shift is imminent Wave#2 of the madrid fault cleared its throat on August 19 to cause a train derailment in the Wabash Seismic Zone in southern Indiana where the New Madrid Fault Line passes through. Then on August 22 there was activity up from the start of the Fault Line at the tip of Mexico. Another Pemex gas field explosion, accompanied by seemingly endless quake swarms at the tip of Mexico. On August 23 a buoy over the deep Gulf waters above the Yucatan Peninsula throbbed for days, the Raspberry EQ site reported a magnitude 6.1 quake at New Orleans, and a sympathetic train derailment occurred along the Fault Line in W Virginia.

  6. I live near that area and didn’t feel a thing. Sixes have shown up around that area in the past and those were most definitely felt. Just a false alarm and old news.

  7. False alarm? Maybe the satanists will trigger a Cascadia event once the voter fraud domino effect takes place.

    Hard to find legitimate news sources these days. Seems like gatewaypundit is doing an excellent job on voter fraud news, and that’s it. Good on them. Kudos!

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