Hurricane Larry amazing adventure: From rainy hurricane in Bermuda and Canada to vicious blizzard in Greenland

hurricane Larry, hurricane Larry update, hurricane Larry from hurricane to blizzard
Hurricane Larry: From Cat 1 hurricane in Bermuda and Canada to snowy blizzard in Greenland. Picture via Accuweather

It seems that Hurricane Larry is going on an incredible adventure over the next few days.

Hurricane Larry, currently hitting Bermuda with bands of rain, gusty winds and ocean swells, is going to turn into a blizzard in Greenland and dump 3 to 5 feet of snow. Meanwhile, Newfoundland, Canada is preparing for the storm…

Hurricane Larry is currently near Bermuda

Powerful Hurricane Larry was making its closest pass to Bermuda late Thursday morning as a category 1 storm with 90 mph winds headed north-northwest at 16 mph.

hurricane Larry, hurricane Larry update, hurricane Larry from hurricane to blizzard
Hurricane Larry is currently hitting Bermuda with heavy rains, strong winds and big storm surge. Picture via Twitter

At 11 a.m. EDT Thursday, Larry was 190 miles east of Bermuda, where a Tropical Storm Warning was in effect.

While Larry will remain some distance from the island, the storm is large, with tropical force winds extending up to 350 kilometers from its center.

Larry’s large size and long duration at category 3 strength have made the hurricane a veritable wave machine, and the Caribbean islands, Bahamas, Bermuda, U.S. East Coast, and Canadian Maritime Provinces were experiencing large swells. These conditions will continue into the weekend, with dangerous rip currents.

Larry was expected to bring wind gusts of tropical storm strength, a few heavy rain showers, and high surf to the island.

Hurricane Larry direct hit in Newfoundland

Larry passed east of Bermuda as a hurricane on Thursday, delivering only a glancing blow, but its next target is likely to be the recipient of a direct hit on the island of Newfoundland in Atlantic Canada, where it will bear down with hurricane-force winds, heavy rain and pounding seas early this weekend.

The enormous storm will also continue to stir trouble along the East Coast of the United States through the first half of the weekend.

A hurricane watch is in effect for Newfoundland on Canada’s east coast as hurricane conditions are possible there late Friday.

hurricane Larry, hurricane Larry update, hurricane Larry from hurricane to blizzard
On its way to Greenland, Hurricane Larry will probably hit the east coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Picture via Twitter

As reported by the Globe and Mail:

Residents in eastern Newfoundland should get prepared by tying down loose items and stocking up on water and other supplies ahead of Hurricane Larry’s expected landfall, Premier Andrew Furey said Thursday.

The storm is on track to sweep across eastern Newfoundland Friday night, bringing high waves, torrential rain and possible coastal flooding, Environment Canada says.

Larry is rated as a Cat 1 for Atlantic Canada.

Hurricane Larry impacts in Newfoundland Canada
Hurricane Larry impacts in Newfoundland Canada. Picture via Accuweather

Wind gusts of 80-110 mph (129-177 km/h) are possible over a small area near where Larry makes landfall over the southeastern part of Newfoundland. Winds this strong can cause significant property damage.

Hurricane Larry wind speed in Newfoundland Canada
Hurricane Larry wind speed in Newfoundland Canada. Picture via Accuweather

The amount of rain is still expected to bring general 1-6 inches (25-150 mm), which is enough to lead to flash flooding, road closures and washouts.

The island of Newfoundland and Atlantic Canada, in general, are no strangers to adverse impacts from tropical systems, and the region is pounded by a dozen or more long-lasting nor’easters throughout the late autumn, winter and early spring.

Hurricane Larry rainfall in Newfoundland Canada
Hurricane Larry rainfall in Newfoundland, Canada. Picture via Accuweather

However, hurricanes hitting Newfoundland are uncommon

NOAA’s hurricane database shows 13 category 1 or stronger hurricanes have hit the island since 1851.

newfoundland hurricane history
Tracks of all category 1 and stronger hurricane to affect Newfoundland since 1851. Picture via NOAA via YaleCC

Two of these were category 2 storms: Michael in 2000, and an unnamed 1893 storm.

However, many other hurricanes not shown in the graphic above have passed over Newfoundland as hurricane-strength extratropical storms shortly after losing their tropical characteristics.

Hurricane Harry transforms into blizzard in Greenland

Beyond slamming Newfoundland, Larry may survive long enough to bring drenching rain and high-elevation snow to Greenland later this weekend.

hurricane Larry, hurricane Larry update, hurricane Larry from hurricane to blizzard
Hurricane Larry will dump snow on Greenland after transforming into a strong blizzard. Picture via Twitter

Seven named storms have tracked over Greenland since records were kept in 1850, although all of them had lost their tropical characteristics before hitting.

The closest approach from a hurricane was from an unnamed storm in 1971.

Larry’s size and duration have also made it a potent generator of accumulated cyclone energy (ACE). By itself, Larry has produced nearly 40% of all the ACE from this year’s 13 Atlantic named storms through September 9, and almost three times more ACE than Hurricane Ida

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  1. I heard a quote by one of the men who helped develop the weather control equipment that they could lead a hurricane around like a bull with a ring through his nose by using lasers from,so called weather satellites to steer them.Looks like they got ole Larry by the nose,or maybe the other end.

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