La Palma eruption update: Enormous pressure is building up under the volcano as ground inflates 17cm in 24 hours – Possible violent explosion in the next few days

17cm ground inflation in 24 hours at La Palma volcano eruption site on October 26 2021
17cm ground inflation in 24 hours at La Palma volcano eruption site on October 26 2021. Picture via IGN

Yesterday evening, the north-western flank of the cone collapsed after the volcano had its strongest daytime activity since the beginning of the eruption (Sept. 19th). Large amounts of lava flowed out.

Apparently, the upper vents have been clogged during the collapse, meaning that the material could no longer be ejected.

This resulted in a floor elevation of at least 17 centimeters within 24 hours as shown in the GPS data below:

Ground elevation of 17cm measured at eruption site of La Palma volcano
Ground elevation of 17cm measured at eruption site of La Palma volcano. IGN

This new ground inflation shows that an enormous pressure is building up under the volcano. Consequently Pevolca issued a warning of possible explosions over the next few days.

The latest GPS data are very worrying. If this is not a measurement error, we could see a sharp increase in activity in the next few hours or days.

Residents have also reported an increasing, whistling noise since Sunday. This could be related to a Glissando effect, which normally occurs before or during a volcanic climax.

Like a scream before a blast

The subterranean magma plumbing systems that sit beneath volcanoes feed pressurised molten rock toward the surface before eruptions. As the magma flows through deep conduits and cracks, it generates small seismic tremors and earthquakes, typically around magnitude 1.

Sometimes these small earthquakes are spasmodic and episodic, but sometimes they appear to take a more harmonic and almost musical tenor, as was reported recently in a study of the Redoubt volcano, Alaska.

Ksenia Dmitrieva, from Stanford University, and colleagues measured seismicity leading up to an eruption of Redoubt in 2009. Small earthquakes occurred in rapid succession, blurring to a continuous high-frequency tremor, and ceased abruptly to immediate silence for about half a minute before the eruption.

The magma plumbing system appears to act like a giant organ pipe or flute, playing the music of the depths in response to the flowing magma as it judders through the system in a frictional tremor.

It is rather akin to the ringing of a wine glass made with a wet finger, but with the frequency ever increasing in a rising glissando – a musical glide from one pitch to another.

If these data are really correct, we could be at a terrifying turning point of this La Palma volcano eruption.

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    La Palma is foreshadowing hell on earth. Please pray unceasingly. Thank you

    My prediction stands for 10/31/21.

    • Been watching and fearing this volcano for 20 yrs- since I first heard of it. in the days after 911. Went so far as to track down scientist Simon Day in London to discuss. Then again 10 yrs later, when Hierro erupted in 2011. Both times he claimed there was no hype and debunking of his findings. Threat was real and serious. Only question was ‘if not when’.
      Now eruption has been ignited by DARPA/ Bnai Brith FREEMASONIC heads to wipe out USA, so Israel could step onstage as NWO messiah-super power (a switch of their leeching from depleted, sucked-dry America to the zionists’ next host China).

      • I read another man’s post which was eerily similar.
        There’s definitely some satanic activity afoot. Who do we blame? I don’t have the exact answer yet.
        It’s seems like a multi-pronged attack, perhaps from several high level dark spiritual forces. They all seem aligned to destroy America. Of course, all our brainwashed oikophobic sheeple go along with their plans as useful idiots.
        Glad I live very far away high in the mountains. I left polite society when Homobama was trying to bring America the ebola.

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