Abortion: Why no anger over hundreds of thousands of Americans dying each year?

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Anti-abortion protesters on May 29, 2021 in Austin, Texas. Picture by Sergio Flores

This year, we will sadly see the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans needlessly cut short through no fault of their own.

In response, some states and political leaders have answered the call and pushed for medical precautions to prevent these senseless deaths. Incredulously, protesters have taken to the streets demanding these precautions be reversed.

What has caused this angst?

One of the single greatest causes of death in the last 50 years: Abortion.

As local and national lawmakers make efforts to save these precious souls, others are actively fighting to expand this carnage. They have their priorities in the wrong place.

At the same time liberal politicians shut down entire communities over a virus with a 0.68 percent infection fatality rate and rioted in the streets over deaths involving police interactions, they wholeheartedly advocate for the rights of abortion giants such as Planned Parenthood to snuff out the lives of millions upon millions of the unborn.

Where’s the outrage?

You won’t find the mainstream media highlighting this generational tragedy.

There is nothing — absolutely nothing — more tragic than callously ending the lives of the most vulnerable in our society.

Sadly, in 1973 our nation’s highest court forced every state in America to allow this practice, no matter how strongly their citizens objected. Since then, the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade has resulted in the deaths of 62,500,000 unborn babies.

To put this in perspective, that is 10 times the population of Missouri.

These children matter

They were our brothers, sisters, friends and loved ones. They were our future leaders, firefighters, doctors, lawyers, truck drivers, preschool teachers, farmers, factory workers and small business owners. But most importantly, they were human beings with a purpose from our Creator.

But the battle to protect the unborn is also being waged in the states. That’s why Mississippi’s latest pro-life law, which is currently being challenged in the Supreme Court, is vital to restoring our national character as a country that protects life.

The Mississippi legislation, which was overwhelmingly supported by the statehouse in 2018, protects an unborn child’s right to life after 15 weeks of pregnancy. At that point, all the major organs have been formed, the heart pumps 26 quarts of blood per day, fingers move separately, the body responds to touch, the unborn baby can feel pain, and successful surgeries can be performed.

Despite commonsense protections proposed by states such as Mississippi, Texas and Alabama, liberal Democrats have attempted to counter this effort by inserting pro-abortion provisions in seemingly every bill that reaches the House floor. They have also introduced extreme legislation such as the grossly misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act, which would overturn virtually all legal restrictions on abortion at the state and federal levels.

If these politicians succeed in their efforts, the fruits of pro-lifers’ 50-year labor of love will vanish overnight.

These states are stepping up and fighting for life. Laws like Mississippi’s demonstrate that the American people still believe in the God-given dignity of every person, born or unborn. The Supreme Court now has a critical opportunity to uphold these truths and stand up for the voiceless.

Together, as a nation, we must continue to fight relentlessly for the sanctity of life — and for expectant mothers needing support. Millions of unborn lives depend on it.

Throughout his tenure in Congress and in the Missouri Statehouse, Rep. Vicky Hartzler has fought for the rights of the unborn. As chairwoman of the Values Action Team, he led efforts in Congress on behalf of faith, family and religious freedom, including multiple pieces of legislation to protect life. This includes stripping Planned Parenthood of federal funding and protecting the Hyde Amendment so taxpayer dollars don’t go toward abortion. [News Leader]

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  1. It is not Christian to have abortions because thou shall not kill.
    Jesus Christ said if we kill , then we did not obey his commandments. Love your neighbor same as yourself. So
    here is Disclaimer And Fair Use

    Digital Tyranny and the Rockefeller-Gates
    WHO ‘Vaxx-Certificate Passport’ – Towards
    a World War III Scenario – video
    https://www.globalresearch.ca/worldwide-resistance-against-vaccine-covid-fraud/5755538 Everything is for divisions and keep us all slave to Queen of London.. If you are disagree please let us have honest conversations and is better than
    we put gun at each others and killed. Club House apps on apple or Google android use it create radio free with people coming to your room. Vaccines are jokes… Every time scam you with new variations. Israel 70 percents have put 4 th shots now they will put 5th shots? Happy Hanuka to all Jewish people world wide.

  2. Roe v. Wade was a farce. Child sacrifice was legalized.
    When I see people cheering for abortions, it makes me disgusted.

  3. Not to be misunderstood, the loss of life is a terrible thing. A minor positive side effect though is that murders aren’t reproducing so that trait is slowly being eliminated from the gene pool.

    • Murder is way up Nationwide. Abortion doesn’t solved murderers being born. I think that is what you imply.
      Contrarily, it is murder.

  4. 93 million unborn babies MURDERED since 1973…that is a greater number than some countries TOTAL!
    Watch an abortion [12-24 weeks] and then look in the specimen tray…tell me if that is NOT a Human???
    I dare ya!

  5. Yes, abortion for birth control is just murder, it should only be done if the pregnancy has severe life threatening problems!

    • Good point.

      Yes, a mother that brags about having an abortion, like these women nowadays. Relishing in their wickedness is something God frowns upon.

  6. You are an idiot! But that’s ok if you are an usian. After all usians are well known both for their general low IQ and hypocrisy. In USA most delusional people call themselves “truthers” and the blood-thirsty killers are labeling themselves “pro-life”.

    • Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
      —Isaiah 5:20

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